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By Kelechi Okorie,
September 8, 2019

Once criminal remains a criminal it takes a courageous hearten criminal to impersonate or acts body double still plays on the intelligence of millions of Nigerians walking on the streets. At least some Nigerians have begun to reason the rationale behind the impostor’s body language since he sneaked in Nigeria late at night from Japan trip and complicit silent to speak against the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Perhaps, action speaks louder than voice as they said, Nigeria president ought to have addressed his fellow countrymen via live press statement at least to give them hope to feel among as people that have government, the impostor’s silent mode vindicated South Africa president, Cyril Ramaphosa and Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi undemocratic hate speeches respectively, that they all work hand in hand to cripple Biafrans businesses in South Africa. Is it abhors, boycotts smartness by presidency whenever there is an international conference with world leaders in attain-town enhance where they fabricate concocted deceit jamborees and Photoshop podiums different from real summits.

In every indication, the impostor’s body movements showed South Africa government in conjunction with Nigeria government were behind the uprising with intention of destabilizing IPOB activities and means of survival in order to maintain late Buhari’s assertion to die than allow Biafra to be free. Psychologically, hate speeches by both heads of states and their associates were inconsonant with the unjust attacks against foreign nationals in South Africa, it could be the reason till this moment Nigeria president has not stood up openly in condemnation of this backward Stone Age barbaric act. Probably, a mean of payback to Igbo speaking Biafrans for the embarrassment encountered in Japan. Invariably, one argued it was a well-orchestrated plan by both governments to create an avenue for the impostor to visit South Africa at will seems, Europe is no longer safe for him because of respect for rule of law and presence of IPOB members.

No doubt everything has fallen apart in Nigeria, even a hallucinatory knew Nigeria government won’t do anything diplomatically to protect her citizens been killed in South Africa when it is obvious those slaughtered are from Old Eastern Nigeria (Biafra), political game to send Nigeria police to protect Nigeria nationals in South Africa was gruesome tale when it is on record Nigeria Police has high rate of human rights violation in the world, it was another means to kill Biafrans more without tracing their decomposing bodies as they to in Nigeria.

Before misconception by anyone Nigerian gullible, Air Peace Airline that sent their air crafts to evacuate Nigeria nationals in South Africa is private own company, Nigeria government only wants to take advantages of the company’s kind gesture to maneuvered the world they’re in control of the ugly situation with wrong reports no Nigerian was killed whereas, in reality, many were victims of xenophobic attacks. It is now severe to the world leaders to see Nigeria is a joke without government rather; cabals in charge of the helms of affairs taking control of it at will. Including Britain, that always renders succors to Nigeria as overdue suckling baby country has gradually withdrawn herself since the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came into power. Shunting down Abuja Uk High Commission was a signal the impostor in no longer welcome in great Britain again as they use to consistently flood Britain as if the nation is their next parlor but the current Prime Minister diplomatically puts stop to that nonsense as the US is now no go area for the impostor.

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