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Authored By Kelechi Okorie,
September 8,2019

What goes around comes around; history and karma are the best experiences for those that wish to learn. He who defecates in a wrong place may forget easily but he who packed it may likely not. South Africa xenophobia was neither the first nor second time it happens among black Africans, some may have forgotten the fact that eviction between black folks is not new, when South Africa was still battling to overcome apartheid white supremacy, xenophobia was ongoing within the region while European countries are busy advancing in science and technology with the help of foreign nationals from various parts of the world. Black Africans, time without number exhibited mediocre, myopic and backward to embrace contemporary phenomenon, in most cases prefers isolation, when their brains are incapable to accommodate reality, on the other ways, round its governments lack competitive ideologies to savage the continent from remaining a third world undeveloped periphery. Symposiums organized by so-called Africa leaders have not manifest in the continent from time Immemorial though; they consist of tyrants, religious bigots, extremists, military juntas with seat tight syndrome to remain a life head of state with no single advocacy of modern democracy.

Every country has immigration order and principles, Africa mostly, are not properly guided, common sense implies residence permit issues to immigrants as mobility of labor can’t do away wit invariably, economic specialization and mobility synonymously grow productivity and propelled the dispersion of interlinked activities worldwide which black Africans failed to acknowledge beforehand. Every nation needs each other for survival in social political economy, science, and technology, etc. it becomes imperative to ally with nations to enhance growth and advancement hence no country is superstructure.

Black Africa foreign policies within the continent always contravene itself, political commentators may queue up with Pieter Willem Botha’s assertion that “black people can’t rule themselves because they don’t have the brain and mental capacity to govern a society, give them guns they would kill themselves; give them independence and democracy, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings, and wars!”. Jerry Rawlings, then Ghana Head of State in 1969 evicted Nigeria nationals in his country without considering the implications, the Aliens Compliance Order which affected mostly Nigerians, indirectly heats hard on his fellow countrymen residing in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa, as both Benin and Togo shunt their borders for Ghanaians living in other places to have access to their country home. This discrepancy makes smooth intra economic relations impossible, even ECOWAS’s free trade policy among members’ states is not viable, the organization is a handicap to withstand its functionalities they claimed to uphold. Instead of developmental competition among black Africans, they expelled each in spite being mentally poor to be associated with the first world developed countries of the world, both government and its citizens are not helping matter very lazy to make things happen with their brain like others.

In 1983, under Shehu Shagari regime, Nigeria initiated useless executive order tagged Ghana Must Go without proper immigration documents to either to leave the country or not, the way South Africa evicts foreign nationals by force without following United Nations International diplomatic immigration order. Which way Black Africa? Is the self-witch-hunting best way to go? Is it not better to an alien with modern politics? Animals in the jungle don’t hurt fellow animals of the same kind or same species but black Africans do, they wrongly channel their grievances where it shouldn’t be notwithstanding, I’m not insinuating blacks should attack white nationals because of exploitations, decimations of their soil as a result of colonialism no! Blacks must sit up to face reality than blaming others for their misfortunes. A saying thought me a lot “man is the architect of his fortune; one’s own behavior dictates the course of one’s life. If black Africans are not contented with their present condition they should find a peaceful resolution for the better condition than attacking each other for nothing sake.

Japan as small as it is has succeeded advance in science and technology to compete with first-world developed countries both in commerce and politics, that is why Africa continent convened TICAD7 on development of Africa meaning a whole continent is seeking aid from a tiny Japan. Most Nigerians at least wish to find their way to Malaysia, whereas, it was the same Malaysia that came to Nigeria to acquire palm oil seeds during Olusegun Obasanjo regime today, it is their source of income. Africa is naturally endowed in all ramifications but refuses to bend down in acquire requisite knowledge to convert raw materials to finish goods as Malaysians did to upgrade their standard of living in her nation in particular and Asia at large with palm seeds in Biafraland.

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