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Hon Nwawube Ezeobi
September 10,2019

Our people would say " O bu naani efulefu rere MMA ya turu obo ya"( it is only a naughty man that sold his sword only to bear the empty sheat roundabout).

To clear all doubt that the chairman of the southeastern governors' forum and the forum itself had nothing good for their people, Governor Dave Umahi came out after a secret meeting with Jubril in Aso rock only to tell the world that they owe Ipob no apology.

Dave Umahi absolutely claimed that the forum had nothing to do with operation python dance and terrorist tag on Ipob but then learned fellows are confused as to what Umahi meant by telling the world that their subjects were massacred in a broad daylight and they raised no voice of condemnation.
One would be contemplating perhaps we have weaklings in the southeast, that's the reason why they were silent only if they did not give the green light for the massacre.

In a hurry, Dave Umahi wishes to exonerate his team of perpetrators of crime against humanity without appreciating the fact that there are records of their proscription of IPOB activities in the southeast which gave the green light to operation python dance here and there.

When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was invited by the South Eastern governors' cum Mr. Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze Ndigbo to the "compromising table", Mazi Nnamdi Kanu presented absolutely the common needs of the Igbo man which was the duty of the leaders to provide, that was the prerequisite for any useful negotiation. Seeing that Mazi Kanu is not budging to compromising the Humanity dream, they conspired to have him eliminated.

Whatever bizarre pride that must have inspired Umahi's challenge on the people yesterday in Aso rock, to claim they owe IPOB no apology, should as well be ready to inspire their stay in Nigeria.
The proscription of IPOB which had led to arrests and humiliation o IPOB family members across Biafra land has actually birthed a new dimension in the agitation for freedom, the people have as well mandated the governors to stay away from foreign lands for any reason.
Since you have rights to proscribe in Biafraland, Ipob which remain DEPROSCRIBE by civilized society has found it necessary to proscribe your movement outside the zoo called Nigeria.

The game is simple If you need sound medical treatment, please provide one in your state.
If you need a peaceful environment for tourism and holiday, do well to provide one in Biafra land.
You need happiness, pay salaries and uplift social amenities.
This is no time for argument and counter-argument rather it our time of holding our leaders responsible for their actions..
Democracy has come to stay

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