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By Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke | The Biafra Post
September 10, 2019
How can a self-acclaimed President of a country /travel to one of the most civilized countries of the world like Japan and he wasn't welcomed officially with live media coverage of any Japanese Foreign/International Affairs Ministers, but in their calculated desperation was welcomed by some people he traveled out with?
Is that not deceit?. Impostor Mohammadu Buhari traveled with a state governor of Fulani ravaged Benue state -Mr. Ortom Samuel as was maliciously released for public consumption by the ever biased and compromised one-time journalist - Mr. Femi Adesina- the assistant media aide to late Mohammadu Buhari Fulanized controlled Nigerian government.
The junk media aide in the person of Mr. Femi Adesina could not do a clean slate job for the dirty works he is employed for, doing for the de-facto government of Abba Kyria, the syndicate who criminally recruited this impostor Jubril Al-Sudani impersonating late Mohammadu Buhari.
It was shamefacedly that the supposedly alleged Mr. Samuel Ortom wasn't among those mentioned as delegates that will travel with the acclaimed impostor parading himself to be late Mohammadu Buhari - the lifeless Nigerian President according to Mr. Donald Trump of America. The said Samuel Ortom was rightly engaged with other state's affairs in his locality of Benue State as was erroneously posited by poor and hungry Femi Adesina who also doubles as the second in command to Mr. Lai Mohammed.
Pathetic indeed, very sad as I continue with this column to bring in more light to the lies flown by one poor and hungry Femi Adesina and his leftover media dogs; our secret investigations and findings revealed that merely everything about impostor Mohammadu Buhari visit to Japan was cooked up and fabricated to pacify the gullibility of an average uneducated, uninformed Nigerians from questioning who is that man occupying Aso-Rock in the name of Mohammadu Buhari.
He Wasn't Among delegates I saw on the Photoshop Pictures. How Come Did He appear on the video? Ridiculous!. Can't Believe My Fantasies. He knows how To Include the Exclusive. how can you tell a well-educated man that supposed allegedly President of a country traveled out of the shores of his territory on a state visit and on his arrival to that country he wasn't granted a live interview by the visitor's/host media outlets. That is pure Madness!!.
As many pieces of evidence abound and proven by IPOB Intelligence Unit -has revealed that he impostor Mohammadu Buhari was smuggled in, and hidden in a Hotel. The fake Mohammadu Buhari if actually, he was the late Mohammadu Buhari couldn't meet any Nigerian community in the same country that he visited to address some burning issues Nigeria is facing ranging from banditry, kidnapping, unemployment, Boko Haram terrorism and incessant killings by Fulani cattle rustlers on farmers across Nigeria. The impostor couldn't tell them how far his government has gone towards apprehending these Ill-fated situations in the country.
Having seen and studied some of the photoshop pictures posted by this poor media aide to Mohammadu Buhari presidency to misinform and deceive the Nigeria public, is what I simply call a bull crap!. Releasing different versions of edited pictures/videos of the same scene is gullibility and stupidity in its apex. What a madness as something must be wrong with Mr. Femi Adesina sense of reasoning and comprehending how event pictures work.
That reminds the columnist, How come Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala - Former Nigerian Finance Minister - Who Played a full-scale guest never went to exchange pleasantries with the acclaimed President of her country were present in the same function as diplomatic protocols demand to be observed because of the -Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was seen by all Nigerians, Biafrans included In the just concluded conference, public lecture, symposium for the betterment of Africa.
Are Nigerians bereft of critical thinking/reasoning?. Why are they being played into gullibility and charlatans through their disgruntled media without questioning the narratives? Or am I to believe that they are been ruled by a beast of no Nation as rightly asserted by late Fela Kuti - the Afrojuju master.
Poor and hungry Femi Adesina was heavily paid by Mr. Abba Kyria to cook lies these series of lies in their sequential others of brainwashing the unsuspecting Nigerian public; Mr. Femi Adesina in a sane clime deserve jailing terms irrespective of who is paying him or paid him for this foul jobs. The sole aim and purpose of Mr. Femi Adesina photoshop works were to perfecting the lies in covering the truth that  Mohammadu Buhari is late and buried in an undisclosed and unmarked grave in Saudi Arabia and secondly to impress his Fulani feudal masters in Aso-Rock handlers of Jubril Al-Sudani.
Nigerians if in a sane clime should demand for the DNA test results of the man in Aso-Rock since the issue is raising dust in order to calm the situation down and IPOB  will apologize back to Nigerians if their assertions on the impostor, not truth, it is better  than what Femi Adesina is doing to buttressing the much lies of a lifeless Buhari; Femi Adesina shielding the truth and letting the world know how deceitful he is demanding for his arrest and subsequent probation by an independent judiciary of inquiry.
Nigerians not making a headway to question these laid down facts by IPOB leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had once again shown how miserable, clueless, brain dead an average Nigerian can be and how evil these men parading themselves as elder statesmen, leaders of thoughts, captain of industries, politician et al., can be in a supposed allegedly democratic settings that people's opinions should first count before tribal and political sentiments.

Edited By: Ndubuisi Eke
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