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September 14,2019
Comr Igwe Arthur

Accountability is one of the major tenets of democracy. Studying the phenomenal Nigerian environment, one would understand the necessities of freedom and a major reason for holding our leaders accountable.

Firstly, Nigeria is a union of diverse ethnic groups that were conglomerated without the consent of the people, rather it was done in favor of the colonial masters. But today, there have been a lot of crises, malfeasance and partial government that tends to favor one ethnic group in the name of serving all.
America, as we know today is a union of ex-colonies of Britain but they came together (in a round table discussion) on how the administration and laws guiding their relationship But the case of Nigeria is still regnant to disintegration and democracy.

In addition, security is one of the tangible responsibilities of a democratic state. The protection of lives and properties of citizens regardless of the attack is a major priority of a democratic state but in the case of Nigeria, it is rational. Nigeria is called a zoo because of its lawless nature. imagine a country where cows are valued than human beings, a country where discrimination, marginalization, ethnicity, tribalism, political jingoism etc are the order of the day.
A state that has no regards for the people despite the democratic nature that was put in place.
Nigeria is repugnant to democracy and should be fragmented.
There are lots of reasons why we must come together and fight for Biafra.

Concerning the prevalent issues of xenophobic attack in SA, you should have understood why the so-called Nigeria government was so reluctant in evacuating and safeguarding the lives and properties of her citizens in SA. They were reluctant because mostly the Igbos were the affected Nigerians. Had it been it was the Fulanis, the SA government would have seen Nigerian in action.

Why would the Nigerian embassy close their door to supposed Nigerians running for safety?
Why would the Nigerian government shoot protesters to death in Lagos whereas SA police protect theirs even as they massacre innocent supposed Nigerians?

You should understand as a human being that we are not part of this union and all we need is a freedom so that we would hold our leaders accountable for any malfeasance and misconduct.
Let's come together and fight for freedom. Biafra is our only hope.

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