Nwawube Ezeobi For (TBP)
September 15,2019

Kings of house negroes.
Desperate for power and favor
Always ready to do the biddings of the massa

Kings of house negroes
Struggling to be the chief correspondent
Kills brethren to be seen as loyal

Kings of house negroes
Never want to go to the plantation
Pain in the neck of the plantation negroes

The tea and food from massa table wouldn't allow them to think freedom

Kings of house negroes
Shameless bloodsuckers of their own.
What can they not do for power?

Kings of house negroes
Get ready for the wrath of the people
They shall someday rise and hold you for your crimes

Kings of house negroes
The good deeds of the coming generation which of course will be anchored on the result of this present
the struggle will make sure such evil leaders are never seen in our land again

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