Authored Kelechi Okorie, For TBP
September 14,2019

My heart always dull having experienced all that happened on September 14th, 2017, I was almost victimized maybe by now my blood would have been among blood that watered as a seed for freedom, it was an ugly remarkable day for Biafrans both home and abroad, a day of recollection, a guff memory state of mind. Its uncalled one to be remembered for evil deeds like Nyamiri southeast governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo respectively, on their riddle treachery played against their own blood for unexciting Nigeria’s unity in diversity, the bloodbath of IPOB’s and terrorist proscription tagged was to stop impending federal might and more loss of souls says Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, an unforgettable recalling memory. A call for referendum as a call for war in Nigeria terminology and one fighting a just course to savage from Nigeria’s bondage of inequity is seen as terrorism, very ridiculous!

Saboteurs’ day, is a day every nook and cranny in Biafraland is in sober, a day many Biafrans wished the cup passed by while Nigerian saboteurs in our midst organized jamborees in celebration of a successful total decimation of IPOB to a point of no return. A day most dedicate IPOB brethren were mocked for sudden forceful disappearance of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, during wrecked by battalions of soldiers, a day Biafrans were soaked in a dirty mod sand until most of them gave up a ghost, a day summary chilling extrajudicial execution of hundreds of peaceful Biafran protesters were shot to dead with acid poured on their decompose bodies beyond recognition, a day happy trigger military approach with recruited Boko Haram foot soldiers loyal to presidency kill at will without provocation, a day jet fighters that have not been used to fight terrorist with good arm Boko haram and Fulani bandits but were used in annihilating Biafrans to cowed them to summit which was impossible to accomplish. A day our supposing representatives forsake those under their care, a day all media platforms in Nigeria descended hard, spoke ill against IPOB, with junk reports against a peaceful group, a day Biafrans were reduced to less human, a day many thought all hope was lost for Biafra restoration, a day fear was installed in the mind of most gullible Biafrans to be discouraged to continue fighting to be free, a day I was personally mocked to be a sacrificial lamb for an ideology that won’t come to reality, a day most IPOB’s were charged to provide their leader should he insist on Biafra or dead, a day many were trapped and locked up in different dungeons across Nigeria without committing any crime known to law. A day peaceful group that neither arm nor have killed a single soul was illegally and technical proscribed as a terrorist organization behind the bar and her activities banned, a day state of emergency was declared by government to shot at sight any IPOB member seen, a day curfew was declared by some southeastern governors given military free access to whiskey away many Biafrans, till date their whereabouts are still unknown, a day many children were rendered fatherless, motherless and families childless what a world of illusion! Saboteurs’ day is the replicate year of 1966-1970 Biafra genocidal war crime. What a memory of agony!!!

Be it at may, from their blood the seed of freedom is watered from their sacrifices, we draw strength and courage to match relentlessly forward, a day Biafrans can’t forget in a history of mankind, a day IPOB passed the Rubicon to contemplate backing down on her quest for automate freedom, a day South East politicians and their partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo shut the doors of dialogue, a day HRH Eze Israel Okwu Kanu (JP) kingship was raided by Nigeria arm forces, something that has never happen in northern extraction, a day heart of forgiveness for treachery burnt to ashes. Any person or group of persons calling for dialogue without a call for justice must first of all resurrect IPOB brethren killed, on other way round, set up independent panel of inquiry to ascertain every inch of evil melted against Biafrans finally, bring those culprits to book of justice according to law or else you go to hell with your dialogue.

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