Report; Imposition Of Indirect Tax To School Pupils By Okezie Ikeazu

Written By Kelechi Okorie - TBP
July 05, 2019

Biafran women
The word "solidarity" shouldn’t be misinterpreted, it emphasis mainly on political movement that brings tyranunical regime atrocity, bastardize government policy to her kneel. All along IPOB has and still standing in a gap as a watch dog of fairness, justice and stability through her various media platforms against rubber stamp government of Nigeria in her various tiers/arms. Historically, human’s inherit resistance force always springs up against any inconsistent policy, idea not in harmony with human like.

Abia State government led by Executive Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, is on a verge to replicate imposition of martial law that resulted fall of communism in Poland, through a solidarity anti-bureaucratic social movement using social civil resistance to effect social change in 1980s. The same way Biafran women revolted against imposition of indirect taxes in 1929 during the draconian colonial rule by proxy using local warrant chiefs to accomplish their personal interest.

Information available to Biafra Reporters, has it that Abia State government under the stewardship of Okezie Ikpeazu, had concluded plans to impose indirect tax on parents, guidance through school children; this plan was implemented after series of secret meetings held by the governor with other stakeholders in attendance (Commissioner of Education) that from now henceforth, pupil both in primary and secondary schools are mandated to pay the sum of #1000 (One Thousand Naira) to the government beginning from 3rd term 2019, through Examination Development Commission headed by the governor’s relation.

According to the source, the commissioner was made to compensate Okezie’s relation for his hardwork in rigging-in the Executive governor into power for the second tenure. Biafra Reporters learnt, the camouflage word “Promotion Exam” was used to confused Abians, as all Primary 1 to 5 and Junior Secondary School 1 and 2, Senior Secondary 1 and 2 are mandated to pay the levy. This comprises both the public and private schools in the state. Information gathered so far show that the civil servants are all aware of the unprecedented corrupt government policy but under subjugation to utter a word or risk losing their job despite owing salaries of many years by the state government.

The leak report continues to expose their ground plan which says once the 3rd term promotion exam levy succeeds, it shall automatically becomes every term levy as State Government Education Board has the intention of taking over setting examination questions in all the schools instead of the usual exam questions set by school management that are always in line with the scheme of work/brochure.

Arithmetically, should ten thousand pupils make the payment of a thousand naira to Okezie’s relation of the promotion exam, it means the sum of hundred million naira has been extorted by the state government without rendering any service. Simple question to ask the governor is - has he spent all the state treasury to enjoy himself in Hotel De Golf in Old GRA Umugansi Aba and The Addrex Hotel and Suites he always frequent respectively; where he and his cohorts usually squander tax payers money every weekend with prostitutes of different kind amidst hardship ravaging the masses that ought to be enjoying dividend of democracy for voting them into power!

Most Biafran women are bread winners of their various families. They are the bravest of their kind. But patient to manage any circumstances before them. Abia State government shouldn’t take Biafra women’s patience for granted. 1929 Aba Women Riot is a typical example invariably; many may had forgotten or unaware that Biafra women were the first to stage protest in the whole of Biafraland against the incarceration of IPOB supreme servant, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when he was illegally detained by DSS.

A word they said is enough for the wise, unless Abia State government is ready to accommodate social upheaval should they continue with imposition of tax through school children.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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