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June 28,2019

The Muslim right concern (MURIC) on Thursday lambasted governor wike of river state over his declaration of river state as a Christian state.

Governor Nyesom Wike rendered the bold declaration during a crusade organized by the Lords chosen charismatic revival church in Port Harcourt River state.

Firstly I wish to congratulate his excellency Barr Wike for his continued courage in facing the brisk task in name of Fulani domination movement in Nigeria.

The reaction by MURIC threw a great number of the political and religious analyst to a state of shock.
Where are they expecting Nwike to declare A state in Christian dominated Eastern region a Muslim state?
Oh nevertheless, they are advocating for a 'secular nation's. ( less I stray)

For so long, the Islamic caliphate in Nigeria has held the eastern region on point of political correctness as championed by some lily-livered leaders who could not stand up and defend their people's existence.
From Kaduna to Kano state, down to Borno and of course all core Muslim states in Nigeria, Christianity has been shredded and suppressed openly and without many proclamations, the whole of northern Nigeria is 'uni-religious'

MURIC wants the Eastern region to be secular nations (which they believe will fall to their domination soonest) while the north remains core Muslim states.

Just like the oil in Niger Delta belongs to the whole country or Jigawa) while the gold in Zamfara is for the north, they are upset and running bananas that ever courageous political pundit and legal luminary Nyesom Wike declared River state a Christian state instead of open to Muslim domination.

MURIC must understand that the era of 'o yes' leadership runs afoul to our inclination as a people and as a consequent of that fact is finding the exit door.

We are using this opportunity also to appeal to other state governors in the eastern region to learn from the heroic move of Barr Nwike and lead the revolution that will see to the religious freedom of their subjects.

God bless you, ebullient fellow, His excellency Barr Nyesom Nwike.

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