Biafra: Whether Suspension Or Not; Islamization, Fulanization, Feudal System With Ruga Herdsmen Settlement Must Be Abrogated In Biafraland

Written By Kelechi Okorie - TBP
Published 07 July, 2019

Jihadist Fulani terror expansionist houses
First and foremost I must extent my gratitude to peace loving Biafrans and friends of Biafra all over the world for their commitment against provocative illegal Fulani Ruga Settlement. More commitments are required as it is suicidal to fold our arms watching ordinary unprofessional Fulani terrorist cattle breeders slaughter us at will. As their masters are neither sleeping nor relenting on their quest to take over Biafraland at all cost, Biafrans ought to be security conscious and at red-alert with their eyes open to repel any attacks. It is not yet over till total freedom is achieved. The scam suspension announcement made by same Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeder Association patron must be overlook. Self defense is an inalienable right and all Biafrans must be ready to defend their life and land as the worst is coming. For now, the killers are only waiting for the appropriate time.

It sounds gruesomely pity for Old Eastern region to continue enduring humiliation in a country they claimed to be part of; even when it is very clear they are not wanted in the union. Referendum as the most basic civilize process of dissolution is seen as a war in the Cattle Republic (Nigeria) where cows are valuable more than human life.

The Ruga cunning Islamic complicity by FG is not strange to members of IPOB as their leader has long prophesied over the current trending feudal system, fulanization, cattle colony, National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP). They give it different names but common agenda when everyone in Nigeria was fast asleep. Optically, it might seem simple but their planed stone age Fulani oligarchy is dragging Nigeria to turmoil where invasion, conquest of communities by herders is now possible.
History is there as evidence; living with Fulanis is the worst punishment one will encounter in life, from the first day they settle down, automatically the indigenous population are forced to become serfs, all the land is forcefully taken over from the indigenous owners with stringent conditions place against them.

It is common that the Fulanis had long planned to wage war against Biafra. In the first instance, Nigeria government had boasted to have won the war against Boko Haram technically with their enclave in Sambisa Forest ransacked by Nigeria troops. The question now is - what is stopping the FG from using the forest for Ruga settlement instead of invading Biafraland? Both Northern and some Western states accepted Ruga settlement; why won’t those states forge ahead with the implementation and leave Biafraland alone?

According to Bible records, it was taken for granted when God spoke that the descendants of Israel will sojourn in a foreign land in captivity, bondage and oppression for four hundred years until it happens before their eyes. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the faithful servant of Biafra was the only voice in the wilderness shouting this ugly scenario but was tagged a hate speech by the unscrupulous present war mongers; the like of T.Y Danjuma, Olusegun Obasanjo and host of others have come to their senses that IPOB has been right all along that Fulanize Islamization is sweeping over Nigeria.

It does not matter how some diversified individuals perceived it, ruga settlement ranches, cattle colony, national livestock transformation plan are the same with same motive but different names. Modernity names attach to this feudal system was to maneuver mentally poor people. If care is not taken, within a twinkle of an eye Biafraland will be enircled to become a cattle colony which remains the caliphate altimate target. Kwara State is a typical example, Oba as a traditional title in Yoruba land no longer exists, and is today an Emirate under the control of Sultan of Sokoto from the north. Lagos state is also heading in the same direction.

Time to resist Fulani supremacy encrouching on Biafran soil is now not tomorrow. United Nations may not be of help as New World Order favors every Islamic nation for being majority in the organization forming Muslim brotherhood. So Christian Association of Nigeria CAN petitioning Buhari government over fear of Fulani feudalism is a game of waste of time. US President Donald Trump, mocked UN as a Muslim kitchen when he observed they are nothing but willing tool to dominate the non Muslim indigenous population.

Biafrans, self-defense is the only panacea that can guarantee your tomorrow in a Biafra nation.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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