By Kelechi Okorie,

Mostly in Nigeria You hardly have a reasonable answer to any bordering question, the above trending question has not been given adequate attention up till this moment if it were other nations of the world they could have at least long apologized for a war crime committed against a race. That is not the case in Nigeria even it takes all Biafrans to be wiped out from the face of the earth for united indivisible almighty cemetery called Nigeria, nothing is wrong. People are wondering if there are conscientious men in the world, 52 years still counting of a war crime, the second holocaust in human history yet, and international bodies kept mute meaning it was well orchestrated global conspiracy to terminate Biafra people as their existence is less important. Where on earth over 3.5 million people were mode down without setting up world panel of inquiry to ascertain why they must be slaughtered. Common sense prevails New World Order is against Biafra, rather they conspired to obliterate Biafra existence from world map and removal of Biafra history origin from school curriculum so that upcoming generations won’t trace their heritage, it proves otherwise maybe Biafrans are not in line to consider humans before them. What a wicked world! Where are men of integrity, does their good thought thrown into abyss making them not having feelings of millions of Biafrans killed in cold blood by marauder soldiers of Nigeria?

Thinking someday Nigeria to have a heart is a total hallucination because she represents British experimental cemetery space where human beings are slaughter for no reason and those clamouring for one Nigeria are heartless demonic species in human skin enjoying spilling the blood of their fellow innocent citizens making the region centre of cannibalism. That was why so-called Nigeria Pastor/Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, can pretentiously visit Rwanda for 150,000 genocide victims but cannot show any remorse for more than 3.5 million victimized Biafrans closest to him. Instead what presidency could do was to impede self-claimed greedy Igbo leaders to apposed annual 30th May commemorate anniversary set out to honour Biafra falling heroes and heroines that laid down their lives in self-defence of Biafra sovereignty and her territory.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and their staunch slave partner in crime Igbo governors can antipathy IPOB Sit At Home but incapable to stand against Nigeria annual 1st Oct fraudulence flag independence and her quack 29th May snail democratic renaissance only mimicry shows relevance in order to please their caliphate paymasters. Mad people! A horse may be forced to stream but can’t be forced to drink water, IPOB is the original owners of Biafraland no Jupiter can restrain them from honouring their falling heroes/heroines after they were killed them in their numbers by Nigeria and their ally. By the way, these useless Igbo leaders don’t have the temerity to stop Biafrans to pay respect for millions of lives lost and can’t be compared with recession crumble economy. These bunches of cowards (Igbo leaders) are mentally blind and backward to reason beyond sentiment making them a liability to mankind. Should they adhere to advise? If yes they must learn to fight hard to break the bond of slavery or else they shall forever remain slave eternity. Declaring IPOB Sit At Home unconstitutional by unscrupulous elements reminds us all truly Nigeria sham beer parlour constitution is not generally acceptable because it was not people’s oriented constitution but drafted by military juntas. Is that supposed to be called constitution? Pig comfortably roams in a dirty swap environment, anybody tries to evacuate it to a neat place is consider as an enemy, nothing differentiates Igbo leaders from the pig for believing in the lopsided written manuscript by Northern cabals as the constitution. 30th May Remembrance Day is sacrosanct as Biafrans pay their usual annual respects for their dead heroes/heroines for automating sacrifices made so far for generations to come.

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