Editorial By Biafra Reporters | May 14, 2019

Political fraudsters in this context can be defined as a bunch of mind misleading rogues or persons who gain/attain a political position by issuing statements of calumny for favouritism thereby expose the people's life to danger, threats to their lives by the state security operatives, political kidnapping/abduction, summary execution and illegal imprisonment.
To this end, this is what Ohaneze Ndigbo and South-East governors together with other factional mushroom groups are. The class of Ohaneze Ndigbo is the worst of it all, with money given to them can turn/make the killers of her people a King overnight to rule over them with so many unpardonable names against the Igbo cosmology while on the side of the South-East governors is to embezzle, misappropriate, mismanage their State statutory allocations leading to the dilapidated condition of their states in terms of human development and public infrastructures.

With this set of development and rude characters, it will be right to call those in Ohaneze and South-East governors "Political Fraudsters " working hand in hand to subvert at all times the peoples' collective wish of a free Biafra State.
The unethical behaviours and non-dialectical statements, utterances made by some groups of political fraudsters in the rank and file of Ohaneze Ndigbo and other Igbo factional groups have exposed them the more to the knowledge of humanity, these selfish groups catalogued in this editorial are nothing but real agents of darkness parading themselves as leaders of thoughts, elites and captain of industry in Biafra land. These set of criminal elements living in Biafra and their appendages in Lagos and Abuja were the descendants of the real set of 1967-1970 Biafra saboteurs.

The work of their forbears was to divulge useful information pertaining to Biafra to the Nigerian government Federal side during and after the war ended in 1970; during the war what these band of saboteurs do was point to the Nigerian government side houses that belongs to Biafra soldiers or where Biafrans were hibernating for safety before their next move or action, they helped the Nigerian government Federal side to identify the exact individuals fighting them without being remorse.
Some of the saboteurs when seen that Biafrans had deserted their houses engage into looting their properties in exchange for money, some of the saboteurs helped the Nigerian Federal side the more by poisoning foods meant for those fighting for the collective survival of the Biafran stocks; some of the saboteurs helped bring the Nigerian Federal troops to rape the wives of a well known and identified Biafran soldier, while the saboteurs helped the Nigerian Federal side to molest underage girls.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and South-East governors emanated from the balkanization of old Eastern region which classifies them as men of no valour and guts. Men in women's wrapper, chasing ants in the day instead of planning for the well being of the Biafran people. These ungrateful elements as enumerated visit their subjects with deaths in order to please their Fulani paymasters that yes they are seriously working as mandated.
Some of the saboteurs turned their sisters and wives to the Nigerian Federal side to be concubines without shame and dignity in exchange for money and food items since Biafra had been blockaded in other to feed their families.

Immediately the war ended in 1970. What these set of saboteurs did was to metamorphose into today Ohaneze Ndigbo with other factions. Their role today in Nigerian affairs is not quite different from what their fathers did during the war. What they do today is to bring the attention of the Nigerian government to their side for rescue for the fear of being given the Biafra saboteurs treatment. To them, if we don't invite the Nigerian government to crush these Biafrans we might risk our chance of survival within Biafra.

The Biafra Reporters have viewed with dismay the statements credited to Ohaneze Ndigbo and her youth wing with some other criminally minded Igbo Group(s) charging IPOB to dispel and jettison the idea of remembering her slain heroes and heroines that were massively starved to death by the Nigerian government these groups pledge allegiance to; these set of criminals when bereaved remember their loved dead family members through some traditional or Church memorial service. It will be unethical with rude shock to the memories of Biafra slain heroes and heroines together with Biafra children starved to death if they abide by the uncharted statements credited to these criminal groups in Ohaneze and elsewhere.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and some unscrupulous South-East governors with their mushroom groups understand perfectly clear what awaits them as they have vowed passionately to counter and cross counter every moves that will lead or bring to limelight the plight of the Biafran people and humanity at large. We at The Biafra Post are not surprised about Ohaneze Ndigbo and some South-East governors as both were the by-products of the real saboteurs who drives nothing but joy frustrating any meaningful move that will yield to the emancipation of the Biafrans from the Islamic Nigerian government.

The original and hardcore Biafrans are sound in mind and well in tune of who is who in the fight for Biafra liberation, the role each person's and family play, either in support or agent against the Biafra liberation vis-à-vis restoration, to those class of individuals in the rank and file of saboteurs your judgement day is fast approaching and everyone will be judged according to his/her deeds. The Indigenous People of Biafra have carved a niche for themselves for remembering her slain heroes and heroines, other mushroom groups can create another month, date and day to remember their failed Nigerian unitary system of oppression, killings, Miyetti Allah/Fulani herdsmen crimes, Bokoharam terrorism, marginalization, nepotism, tribalism and ethnocentrism called crude government.

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