By Kelechi Okorie,
May 11, 2018

The dude integrity is at stake, he may have realized his mistakable video outbursts released so far or probably advised by his camp to sub pedal on his amateur videos shoot that made him hibernate for a while without further release. His immaterial boasting and accusations reduced him to nothing before Biafran people, the first day he accused IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of compromise in the Biafra agitation. It is very Asari can be credited as a wealthy frontline agitator fighting either for his people or his personal gain, such places him on the unequal status with others, also make him control command, respect within River line periphery in Biafra. Wealth and influence accrue from agitation demarcate his status as well place him unquestionable position for Biafrans to ask him how he made his wealth hence, he is not known as a captain of industry, entrepreneur, consultant, businessman or a researcher before embarks on agitation. One may argue that Asari openly diffused not been received $100 million by Nigeria government but one should also articulate even a common criminal caught at the scene always claims not guilty in court of law till prove guilty, is normal Asari denying not been paid a damn from any agency but simple question before him is how did he make so much wealth beyond imaginable within the period of his agitation if truly he is sincerely fighting for absolute liberation of Biafra people? Or is he trying to tell Biafrans that during his tenure as Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) President and Deputy President he embezzled funds made for IYC projects? Poko Soli! Soli! Poko Soli Soli!!! This rhythm by Asari was indication skeletons are inside his cupboard his followers no nothing about, only time shall tell.

Initially, Biafrans doubted Ralph Uwazurike’s flimsy integrity; a self claim leader of BIM, till all his secrets were exposed for all and sundry to identify him as a known government agent making provocative wealth through treachery at the detriment of his own people he ought to be protected. Such person can freely workaround for not being a threat to the government in power as it is applicable to Asari Dokubo that claimed to be in his expensive well furnishing mansion unlike, IPOB leader who happens to be a threat to Nigeria coexistence. I’m not trying to deviate from the theme of the message but to make similar references for more clarification, Biafra warlord Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu single-handedly equipped Biafrans with his father’s wealth to stand against vandals during Biafra genocidal war. Ojukwu as an intellectual is from wealthy family background engaged himself in governmental functionalities legally making his sources of wealth understandable. Unlike Asari, IPOB leader was a consultant in his host country of domicile been paid by his clients. Perhaps, hardly a reasonable person from responsible background openly claim $100 million is not money when he or she has noting doing that yields such huge amount of money, logically, it can be traced back to Ken Saro Wiwa, that died a martyr protecting the interest of oil-producing states to control their resources in their soil ends up not having control of mundane earthly acquisition

Little percentage of derivation formula specified in Nigeria constitution is nothing but a mirage instead, cabals from Northern Nigeria proclaimed oil in Bayelsa belongs to Jigawa, yet Biafrans are unable to digest the meaning of the declaration and handwritten on the wall, in a simple tense those cabals made it very clear that present resource control fighters were long bought over by government. Ogoni clean up is gone thrown to the oblivion of history likewise, Niger Delta Avengers after compromised then went into hibernation after taken their provocative share like Asari.

I may not be a prophet but optimistic a day like this shall come whenever some people argue Biafrans will turn into another Sudan fighting each other for either positions or internal drive, I always object the notion because Biafra is naturally republican with the free will of opinions and views. For that reason, I rather radically argue/reasoning with my fellow Biafrans than Hausa Fulani with incompatible, different value system. As we Biafrans entitle with he or her opinion, Ohaneze Youth indirectly trying to discourage Biafrans to observe 30th May Sit At Home in remembrance of over 3.5 slaughtered in cold blood genocidal war for this present generation to live should question Asari his source of wealth failure to do so means they are in the same train of treachery with him.

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