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By Kelechi Okorie,
March 8, 2019

It is strange how Atiku’s supporters suddenly activate mute mode and standby state immediately after Presidential / National Assembly election results were announced by INEC, I may personally not blame those from Northern Nigeria, because they understood the political game more than their counterpart in Old Eastern Region shouting articulation without knowing the next step and strategy to be taken in valence Nigeria politics. Biafrans might be exposed to the world, intelligent and educated more than Hausas in many aspects but lack political experience to match or withstand Hausa political tricks. During the campaign period, Articulate Machines were on social media pulling weight as if voting determines the winner more especially political jobbers from Biafra extraction that mounted the podium of heavy social media tension in Biafra soil when IPOB election boycott stands but lacks political tactical measure to triumph over the shambolic fraudulent election. While Biafra Articulate machines were busy with their systematic unworkable machine theory day in day out to enhance an Igbo man plays second fiddle as vice president without calculating inherit inbuilt majority system. Neither were Biafran articulators comprehends Fulani Muslim politicking. Had it been Biafrans are well politically educated or socialize, they ought to have acknowledged the tricks game played by these two Fulani political desperadoes embarked upon to snuff out Biafran contestants from the two major political parties likely or certainly to emerge the winner at the end of rig electioneering.

This is not the first time Biafrans lost the game of politics in all angles. Though, IPOB foresaw the scenario coming on time, as they educate electorates beforehand that their PVC is useless as Nigeria itself. Quite unfortunate, those articulators were unable to articulate before Bubu slashed them with massive broad daylight open rigging without looking at the back. In a first place, should articulators know contemporary politics, tyrants had never been voted out in the history of mankind rather; forcefully push out of power through revolution. Articulating alone is not enough that is why they are neither here nor there due to inability to join forces with IPOB to agitate for the total liberation of Biafra nation. Exceptional of IPOB agitating to opt out from the slave entity named Nigeria, there was no way articulators more especially Igbo speaking Biafrans could have succeeded when their kindergarten politics and lack of political calculation is taking control of their lifestyle. In politics, it is far better to calculate than to articulate. Political maneuvering played by Fulani brotherhood which Biafran articulators could not calculate was the reason they are less important in the political sphere. Before their eyes, Atiku aligned with his Fulani brothers to chased former president Goodluck Jonathan, a Biafran and his fellow party member out of power by fear by force then, trickily came back the same party he once vowed never to return to contest against his brother. Lol! It is called dynastic brotherhood politics; Biafrans are yet to understand this kind of political faculty played by Northerners.

Was it the Electoral Amendment Act, that incumbent president refused to sign, then what makes some quarters believe somehow those hallucinate articulators will unseat terrorist APC? By now deceived articulators must have seen what IPOB has long been preaching that throws Atiku’s supporters into hibernate mode all these days or are they still hoping to have justice at the tribunal? Probably, election tribunal might be the next option and last hope for articulators forgotten court as the last hope for common man in a civilized nation unlike Nigeria, a backward uncivilized third country where the court is the last hope for common criminals, rule of law and the court order is inconsequential and meaningless.

Besides, APC finalized election malpractice after removing Walter Onnghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria, who seems to be a threat to the party at the tribunal yet hallucinates could not articulate when necessary but busy attacking Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB on their election boycott on social media while their major obstacle was planning ahead of them politically. It is now obvious those ranting articulators are to blame for their nonsensical campaign for two Fulanis after election boycott was called off by IPOB. Maybe, one can hear word hence their noise cannot change the change or make different after their master Atiku signed National Peace Accord agreement with his Fulani brother, meaning once any of them is declared winner in the election, the loser concedes defeat in good faith whether rig out or not vice versa, a vote for Atiku is a vote for Buhari when the going gets tough Sultan of Sokoto comes in as a mediator that ends the planned politics of Fulani brotherhood and those died for any of them or Nigeria is nothing but expressway to hellfire for dying in vain.

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