Biafra: Did Nigerians And Nigeria Had Election Or A Spree Ground For Killing The Masses?

Editorial By Biafra Reporters
Publisher: The Biafra Post

March 13, 2019

While waiting for the Nigerian government sham election to come to fruition; seen with disappointment the aggravated pile up of innocent Nigerians killed by the bullets of political merchants using the Nigerian Army to bath the land with blood. What the term Presidency really did was to enthrone themselves back into power through fraud, intimidation, public embarrassment and harassment of Party agents hitherto instill fear in the minds of the few that managed to come out to exercise their right to vote and be voted for; the much unavoidable killing by the Nigerian Army and some paid APC political thugs created a soft ground for effective rigging.

Ordinary Nigerian that came out to exercise their franchise on the sham election were brutalized by the Jihadi Nigerian Army of perdition. "Go and get your PVC and vote your choice of candidate", this saying suddenly got diminished from the lips of those with high anticipated hopes of their votes counting, it was a futile experience with rude shock to most Nigerians that their PVC did not really count this time around, but rather the Country's electoral institution rigged the election in favour of their pay masters - the cabals in Abuja, the Sokoto Caliphate and Daura - the late Mohammadu Buhari's relation.

Common sense encapsulated with the term "Free and Fair" could not be allowed to prevail because some bullies want power by all means possible; the manner for which this sham election was carried out is a turncoat methodology by which a tyrant gets back to hold onto power; because of power, the minds of these greedy politicians became toxic to commit more atrocious acts against the ordinary masses. The Presidency has failed to tell ordinary Nigerians what section of the fraud 1999 Abdulsalami Abubakar constitution mandated the Nigerian Military to be a tool of security importance to electoral exercise.

It was once stated in one of our weekly editorial online tabloids that the sole reason of the Presidency using one impostor by name - Aminu Jubril Al-Sudani, recruited by the Abuja Cabals to act as Late General Mohammadu Buhari was to try as hard as possible to get hold of Biafra territory through some Biafra baby saboteurs working as their minister[s] and other governmental portfolios.

Mr. Rotimi Amaechi who doubles as the Minister of Transport, was used as a willing tool to shell bullets on the people so as to instill fear on what used to be his former subjects with untimely deaths thereby creating an atmosphere to enthrone the biddings of his pay master from Daura and Abuja respectively.

It was a feast of blood by the vultures in corridors of powers in Nigeria, men of no valor, irredentists and men who only think through their ill-gotten wealth from mismanagement and embezzlement public funds. In Rivers State, their land soaked in blood of the innocent; the Nigerian Army broke into peoples' houses like hoodlums do; same Nigerian Military pillaged the people and the land they are meant and mandated to protect against external aggression. They were seen doing and behaving like armed criminals.

If the Nigerian Army think they can come clean and refute the men putting on Army uniforms, then Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and other politicians seen and captured on cameras, audio and video devices during this electoral exercise must be brought to book as to tame the wild behaviors of these mannerless individuals parading themselves as government officials. How can an organized Army as they say could engage themselves in kidnapping of INEC ad-hoc staffs, seizure of electoral material and snatching of ballot boxes. With these evidences, how could the Nigerian Military justify their claim of innocence on their Military Page.

The 2019 Nigeria electoral exercise was marred with so much irregularities that demands for the total cancellation of the Presidential result, Federal Houses and State government election results; vote buying was made public and no civil police was brave and tenacious enough to arrest those involved in the open offering money to voters to vote for their candidates. In some places INEC offices were burnt to ashes while in other cases it was seen that the security operatives abducted ad-hoc workers and induced them into rigging for their boss who recruited them.

It has become known that in Nigeria superior reasoning do not reign supreme, rather Nigeria champions nepotism, tribalism and ethnic bigotry statements as examplified in Ahmed Tinubu and wife; If Nigerian is a sane society, Tinubu and wife cannot decide for the teeming masses of Eastern Nigeria who to vote for or get ejected from Lagos. There in the North, the Hausa-Fulanis demanded that Igbos depart their region and go to their Biafra and vote;

Nigeria and her handlers de-franchised Ndi-Igbo from exercising their rights. What is the need of election in Nigeria that a section of the country can be de-franchised from voting in other regions! It is high time that people sit up and renegotiate this fraudulent union.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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