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By Kelechi Okorie,
March 5, 2019

This interesting question was extracted on Radio Biafra live broadcast anchored by Africa Rep. George Onyibe while meditating over the program it reminds me a good friend of mine Kinsley by name who on one occasion publicly denounced Nigeria. According to him, he sees himself as a man/ person working for his survival without single benefit from Nigeria, instead, the government is fighting for his downfall which he won’t allow in his lifetime, he concludes.

The sham presidential election has come and gone many lost their lives for nothing many shall also die for upcoming gubernatorial election as it seems to be bloodier than presidential race, the blood of innocent civilian killed can only be used to cement the political positions of staunch Biafran politicians Hausa-Fulani house slave seeking one post or the other. Reliable source at TBP newsroom has it, in Abia State governorship election shall mark another round of bloodbath as incumbent governor, Okezie Ikpeazu of PDP had long made every arrangement to accrue highest vote cast by all means as his train political thugs on the day election shall invade polling units with complete Nigeria military uniform in form of security monitoring personnel but directly working to manipulate the vote cast in favor of the seating governor. Strategy deploys were pretending to be among security personnel assign to various polling units that will convey the electoral materials after the election but at long run divert it where changes will be made. The source pleaded anonymity, as he released mind-blowing secret why Abia central Senatorial election is yet to pronounce a winner by INEC, was to cripple T.A Orji, who happens to be backbone and godfather of the seating governor of Abia State. APC will now use federal military might to flush PDP with the help of Orji Uzo Kalu who was declared a winner in Abia North Senatorial election under APC platform. Politics of do or die affair, is it gain being a Nigerian?

Of course, many Nigerians from other ethnic nationalities like Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba might find it pleasant answering Nigerians unlike, those in the Old Eastern region deliberately map out for total decimation by the government. Killings of Biafrans started far back 1945, they are hated beyond human comprehension probably their desire to explore in any climate find themselves could be the reason that attracts envy the same way Israelites were hated. Ahmedu Bello, then Premier of the Northern Nigeria, also Sardana of Sokoto inculcated upcoming generations his meanness and envy he had against Igbo speaking Biafrans. For the abundant of doubt, Old Eastern Nigeria is Biafra domicile periphery agitating to secede from enclave called Nigeria, due to the high rate of socio-political-economic imbalance, inequality melted against the people in the region. As early noted, Hausas can boast of one Nigeria for the enormous beneficial reasons, why? The beer parlor bias 1999 military junta constitution, as a guiding principle, places Hausas as first-class citizens In a sense that every national decision must be taking and determine by them without objections. Religion as the opium of the people is not applicable; neither is it viable for one to uphold its belief according to conscience pleases instead anyone with contrary believes or viewpoint is seen as an infidel that must be roasted alive. The shambolic written document called Nigeria constitution is one-sided to favor some region against others, in actual sense constitution should be a people’s oriented document where all sections and components making up the country must be consulted before a constitution is drafted. This enforce document contradict itself, Nigerians are deceivably made to believe to practice secular law whereas, it is Islamic law as the constitution itself mentioned Islam time without number.

A suppose the democratic system is more of practical tyrannical political settings with the concentration of power in the hands of few privilege cabals having control of the system. The cabals form a strong political dynasty that only gives room for Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba relationship in political space only but Biafrans working against the collective interest of their people can be accommodated politically with slim appointment while strategic positions are strictly occupied by born to rule Fulanis and their game smoother Yoruba, whose survival depends on conspiracy theory against Biafra. The life of Akinola Aguda is a typical example, a Yoruba man that conspired against Biafran ports in both Calabar and Port Harcourt in exchange for shifting the Nigeria capital from Lagos to Abuja, during IBB led regime. Perhaps, unequal distributiveness conditioned Biafrans for business irrespective of a high level of education and exposure one might be, the fraudulent configuration limits Biafrans aspirations in the periphery. False hope delusion by some Igbo speaking politicians makes them comfortably living in fool’s paradise for one Nigeria while the entire region is decimated by the government that ought to protect life and property. There is hope in Biafra; all hands must be on deck to get Biafra to restore as IPOB reiterate its stand on her quest to restore the lost heritage regardless of political permutations in Nigeria.

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