By Kelechi Okorie,
February 14,2019

The professional soldiers do neither molest nor kill unarm innocent civilian, the jungle territory named Nigeria is something else contrary to human inhabitance as people perceived, a threat for life more than the early human state of nature. Even animals may likely not conductively live in Nigeria without agitation/revolt, a reign of terror is far more unbearable and can’t be equated with a story written by George Orwell on a book titled ”Animal Farm”. The only pronouncement of inequality in the farm that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others led revolution in the farm. Animals know their titled rights; limitations making them have a sense of belonging, respect for life and guiding rules and regulations or norms governing the farm. Classifying Nigeria a Zoo is rating her high to compare it with Animal Farm. Unlike Animal Farm, lawless state of anarchy experiences in Nigeria on daily basis means Nigerians are below animal for their inability to advance in life.

Civilize nations across the world limit military interference in a civil matter; they are well trained with primary responsibility to protect territorial boundaries against external aggression, their rules of engagement are monitor extensively. Here in Nigeria, the military is myopic and dump to expatiate her assign duty with civil matter like the election, it is appalling and unprofessional military press statement made by Chief of Army Staff Burutai, to clampdown peaceful IPOB members that already agreed to boycott Nigeria fraudulent elections. Few days after the parochial press statement, military rascality in a peaceful serene Biafra soil has gone out of hands, molestation, and intimidation shooting of civilians without provocation may likely lead proliferation of arms for self-defense. IPOB’s Sit At Home strategy to boycott the election shouldn’t be a concern to military hence disenfranchisement is a choice, also a sign of dissatisfactory system. Igbo politicians inviting Hausa Fulani soldiers to shoot dead innocent Biafrans must be condemned by every right-thinking being, APC flag bearer of Abia State, Uche Sampson Oga, during his campaign in Aba was to prove his Fulani masters that he is capable to kill Biafrans more than the seating executive governor of the State. Rejection of election does not call for sporadically shooting of innocent peopGovernorle doing their normal legitimate business. Instead of a show of force, convincing with reasoning is the best alternative to sub pedal peoples grievances against the government to participate in electioneering. Not funny, only threat for life perpetuated by Igbo politicians can make electorates not to vote, at times I wonder animals in human skin controlling Nigeria, the half man Nasa El-Fufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna threatened to slaughter foreign observers is roaming around with security guiding him. How be assured assure Zoo is not far better than Nigeria? No panel of inquiry was set to ascertain his inserting statement.

I see all Nigerians as liability to mankind because of their inability to reason beyond petty sentiment, exceptional of IPOB, all ongoing atrocities committing day in day out by military has never been condemned by any person including self-claimed intellectuals, captains of industries, Chief Justices, clergymen, Democrats, human right activists etc. everyone in Biafra soil is now a target once it’s some minutes pass 8pm military point and kill commences, state sponsor kidnapping to corner everyone into subjugation. Reports under TBP desk has it last week Wednesday soldiers stormed Orji Uzo Kalu Bridge Emelogu, Ogbo Hill, arrested all the young men witting the bridge, ugly rumor hovering around that those young men may have been shot to death seems till date nobody can actually locate their whereabouts. Though Biafrans are not deterred battalions of soldiers deployed in various states for the forthcoming election, early morning Sunday 10th Feb. at Milverton dozens of young men were forced into military vans without interrogation, no one can compressively give details of their arrest after solders zoom out. On Monday night 11st Feb, soldiers secretly arrived Umuahia, the state capital of Abia Abia to be dispatch to various cities, as if there is war. The staunch house slave governor might pretend not having knowledge of these ugly situations, which is far from the truth. If time not taken Abia North, might turn to a hot zone as Hausa Fulani has seen buying matches in large quantity in the markets, the reason behind clearing matches in the markets best known to them. Political tension is getting out of hands; the same Monday 11th Feb. a man was shot to death by unknown gunmen at Ngwa Road by East, his body was whisked away by the same gunmen. The daily flow of blood since the heavy military presence made people to contemplate if there is a curfew or not, IPOB peaceful Sit At Home rally turned bloody at Owerri as soldiers shoot dead protesters many injured

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