By Kelechi Okorie,
February 14,2019

How’re you doing? Is a pleasure writing this short note to you, no doubt I can see you’re perfectly okay I watched you bounced on your released recent video where you almost blow off camera with annoyance why election boycott called by IPOB? I would’ve love face to face interview or handed over the letter to you in person without third party acknowledges the points I’m about to make here. Notwithstanding, dear Asari Dokubo, you seem to have forgotten the political setting we all found ourselves? Since Nigeria rigged election draws closer I observed inconsistency in you unlike Asari, I know that always stood firm at all times, if not I watch the video clip of yours I won’t have believed you asked Biafrans to ignore election boycott. All the same, you air your views in election participation but failed woefully by convincing electorates beyond a reasonable doubt why it is pertinent to vote. I can agree with you that Igbos are cowards for not protecting their votes during elections, can you also accept your shortcomings and cowardice for not protected our brother Goodluck Jonathan when Atiku Abubakar, joined forces with his Fulani brethren to force him out of office in the last presidential general election?

I don't want to go deep my brother Asari, Biafrans never voted Buhari into power for that reason alone those that voted him in should vote him out. Broz, I know you as a great warrior but you still lack liberal ideology for the collective interest of all Biafrans though, I’m not trying to compare you with Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader Indigenous People of Biafra. All through your resource control struggle could you be able to make impacts to Ijaw in particular and Biafra at large? It shows you’re nothing but resource control fighter but Nnamdi is a freedom fighter which can’t match together. Why I keep asking questions, of the truth I haven’t seen any of yours impact made so far to better the lives of our people, I remembered been enrolled in Ogoni Clean Up program years back up till date oil spillage is ravaging our land. By the way, you accepted the amnesty program under Yara’dua’s regime though, I may not blame you enough because I don’t really know your level of education acquired. Invariably, if were learned enough you could have searched the meaning of amnesty first before embarking on such criminalize deal. Just a tip of iceberg mistake you made was to accept to be tagged a militant that was why federal government easily outsmarts your group with amnesty nonsense; you were pardoned as criminals by FG while in actual sense you should be the one to grant amnesty to Nigeria government for illegal exploitation and invasion.

My brother Asari, I understood you are annoyed for not personally consulted when the election boycott decision was taken, if I may ask you were you consulted when the beer parlor 1999 Nigeria constitution was drafted by Abdusalam Abukakar and his fellow military juntas? What effort have you made to amend the lopsided sham constitution as a major hindrance pinning all of us down to see the light of the day in Nigeria political settings? Before I forget, Biafrans were dully consulted on several occasions for election boycott decisions were perfected, if you doubt me watch Nnamdi Kanu’s rallies at PH, Aba, Owerri, Ohafia, Ebonyi, Ekwulobia etc Biafrans anonymously agreed to boycott any further elections in Biafraland until our demands are made. As I noted earlier I don't want to go deep, during Nnamdi Kanu, incarceration I was meant to know he was offered heaven and earth surprisingly he rejected all mundane for freedom for Biafra nation. Can you tell Biafrans you didn’t compromise before scam amnesty was ushered in? My brother is not about bouncing on the camera, you’re not mentally tough to sustain ideology your resources control agitation may have been a reality by now had it been you stand on your ground. Does derivation formula permit you to have absolute control of resources at backyard? I know you can’t answer the question because oil in Bayelsa belongs to Jigawa and Atiku’s son flies all the way from Abuja to PH on daily basis to monitor his father’s oil wells in your land while your people are starving to death without affording three square meal a day and you’re telling us to vote the same persons making our life miserable.

If I’m to furthermore, the book may not be enough to list your failure in the struggle, I observe you like being famous and relevant in any national bordering issue, I love that but try to be objective always than a green sleeve that grows fresh during the raining season but wither away during dry season. The past mistake is likely to repeat itself again it sounds like a joke when Nnamdi Kanu, said it openly that Hausa Fulani is incapable of running an economy, no one can deny economic set back since Fulanis are at the helm of affairs yet my brother Asari is clamoring to vote for another Fulani. Perhaps, brother, you forget so easily when Atiku said anti-grazing bill unconstitutional, I may rewrite another latter after four years to remind you a day like this. In a nutshell, in case you lack the knowledge why election boycott is necessary at this critical time of West Africa’s wing of liberation is hovering, Ambazonia engages in arms struggle with Cameroon, yes! They fought fervently to secede from Paul Biya’s led tyrant regime in Cameroon but their efforts yield little or nothing whereas, recent election boycott by Ambazonians have to change Cameroon political game the country now on time bomb of disintegration. Finally, Asari you're driving emotionally please face the reality irrespective of who’s involved, you can serve Hausa Fulani, one thing is certain you must surely come back in shame like others. Please rethink,

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