Biafra: Nigeria - The Joke Of A Nation

By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post
February 13, 2019

It is high time the International Community put Nigeria in their rightful place - that hell-hole- where it rightly belongs. Nigeria is a mockery of whatever saner society should be or look like. Gross violation of human rights is on the increase more than ever before and after the Biafra genocidal war that ended in 1970. If these military rogues who at one time or the other enthroned themselves on the people and fabricated a bunkum tagged "Constitution" that metamorphosed to today's civil rule constitution are not challenged, impunity will never depart from Nigeria.

Nigeria is a joke of a Nation because these rogues had copied and 'duplicated' fear into the wider range of the Nigerian insane society; making the system to always produce a people lacking mental toughness; not mentally trained enough to use every aspect of her civic rights and civil disobedience to register whatever discomfort that underline or may mar the existence of the people. It was stated in that criminal book - called 1999 constitution that hence a person or an individual got elected into the corridors of power, he/she do not owe an ordinary Nigerian nothing. This means the criminals in power can steal the people dry as long as they want and still be protected under immunity. Challenge their avariciousness and be charge with treason.

A so called Nation where the government's public office holders are seen sponsoring ethnic cleansing against other region that were joined to make out what is today known to be Nigeria; "a mere geographical expression" that kills anything truth by her paid unoriented anti-people political correctors serving as elites, elder statesmen, government security apparatus, coupled with her unintelligent teleguided e-rats media outlets. This groups mentioned work as one to always make the people beggars.

A joke of a Nation where the ruling impersonator - Aminu Jubril Al-Sudani, acting as Mohammadu Buhari, and the unmannered Fulani cabals unceremoniously evicted the Chief Justice of the Federation and bequeathed the exalted position to a Sharia Court Judge without following due process as stipulated by the sham constitution. A joke of a Nation where the Executive organ dictates to the Judiciary organ what judgment that will be favourable to them so as to continue to unleash their inhumane terror against her citizens.

A joke of a Nation where the country's government prefers to release funds to a body - Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (Fulani herdsmen), who are responsible for the pillages and killings in the land unabated but gets protection from the same government that should have arrested and charged this bandits with murder and felony. A joke of a Nation where the average Nigerian youth is considered a lazy youth and the government responsible for sacking the youths from their places of learning as a result the government refusal to finance the dilapidated Nigerian education sector. A joke of a Nation where the state of her deplorable Universities are out of modern day educational teaching and learning materials.

A joke of a Nation where the country's Islamic State terror members are tagged repentant terror members and got enrolled into the Nigerian Military formation, yet her soldiers are dying everyday in the hands of the same "technically defeated" terror group (Boko Haram). A joke of a Nation where the Nigerian Army can unleash mayhem on Shiite Muslims and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra for her non-violent civil disobedience; a tool of self-determination without sanctions and probationary measures carried out from both the Legislative and Judiciary arm of government.

A joke of a Nation where the country's electoral heads and its Presidential results collation officers are filled up with the feudal Fulani ethnicity. A joke of a Nation where the Country's security architectural design are placed in the hands of the Fulani ethnicity alone. A joke of a Nation where a mysterious Python swallowed public fund meant for the enhancement of her education sector. A joke of a Nation where its Police and Military will tear-gas and kill peaceful protesters protesting against the impunity committed by the government and its handlers.

A joke of a Nation where it is spelt out in its fraud constitution that a non-Nigerian, i.e: one who was not born a Nigerian, cannot contest for Nigerian president; but in our bewilderment Atiku Abubakar is now qualified to run for the office of the President of Nigeria Federation when it is obvious that same Atiku Abubakar was born a Cameronian at birth and his parents too, and in 1961 through the mechanism of plebiscite he became a Nigerian. Sane mind would ask; why is it that such a method of olive branch cannot be extended to the Biafrans. This is seen as a no-go-area for Biafrans by the Nigerian government, hence the call for war is drummed out.

A joke of a Nation where Atiku Abubakar in connivance with APC ousted Goodluck Jonathan from office and today same Atiku Abubakar that condemned the -Peoples Democratic Party PDP is contesting for the office of the President through same party he condemned four years back. A joke of a Nation where a well trained thief is considered a lesser evil when in actual fact he is a full blooded member of the dreadful Fulani herdsmen championing same cause of Fulani dominance and Islamic state of Nigeria.

Are the Nigerian masses stupid enough to continue voting themselves into slavery and abject power? Or wise to say enough is enough by boycotting the upcoming elections in Nigeria so as to register their discomfort with the government of the day, and calling for a newly redrafted constitution or set for a referendum.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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