November 08, 2018.

Written By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi for The Biafra Post.

If the Nigerian Judiciary is functional and operates on the tenets of written laws in Nigeria, they should have to be the first to question this certificate scandal and the tomfoolery to justify it by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari; the Judiciary should have followed this fraudulent act up for Mohammadu Buhari to have violated the laws of the Nigeria federation deserves jailing terms. It is sad, shameful and a big slap on our collective sense of discernment and the qualifications that some Nigerians ought to possess.

Has corruption escalated to this level beyond control that even the "West African Examination Council " issued tyrant Mohammadu Buhari a fraudulent certificate to help perpetuate himself back into power; has West African Examination Council decided in a clear term to discredit herself and thereby urge the West African Students to forget anything that has to be done with her certificate if they can make bold to say that genuinely Mohammadu Buhari acquired the West African certificate.

En-sensu lato, it will be witty; nitty-gritty to state herein that the West African Examination Council should not fail the innocent public by displaying to the general public the spreadsheet of Katsina State Secondary School 1961because in that year there's nothing like Katsina State in existence, the general public will like to view the comprehensive list where Mr Mohammadu Buhari's name appeared with other candidates' names; subjects registered. Should it be said that West African Examination Council in 1961, did not issue any form of certificate to Mr Mohammadu Buhari if WAEC can't go ahead to present these demanded exhibits for verification and authentication? This certificate scandal should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet as there's an urgent need to call-in for a revolution in Nigeria system of government and West Africa at large.

In the 2014, the All Progressive Congress party; Presidential candidate - Mohammadu Buhari was accused publicly for having no credentials or its equivalent to run for the office of the President which by this, automatically disqualifies him to run for the polls used forgery and intimidations exalted himself to that respected position because the Nigerian people were living in mediocrity, hate and slander on the personality of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who merited the position based on credentials as at the time of polls. Hausa-Fulani in connivance with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and some Yoruba leftists enthroned a well not educated without certificate man into power. Now that this certificate scandal issue has come up for the second time doesn't the Daura born -Mohammadu Buhari deserves to be jailed for lying under oath and thus committed perjury.

Professor Attahiru Jega who as at the time was Chairman Independent Electoral Commission should be placed under probationary by the Nigerian Judiciary to tell Nigerians what he knows concerning the Mohammadu Buhari certificate scandal that he was pronounced winner of the poll in a 2014-2015 election in Nigeria. Professor of Law was also enticed to Deputize a certificateless man, what a dastardly act to democracy. Shame to the Nigerian Professors and Intelligentsias if they fail to recall back Professor Attahiru Jega and Professor Yemi Osibanjo certificates, Shame to the Nigerian elites, shame to the Nigerian Academic Institutions, shame to the Nigerian teachers Association, shame to the Nigerian scholars, shame to the Nigerian Academicians, shame to the Nigerian lecturers, shame to the Nigerian men and women of the Legal Institutions; for boldly enthroning impunity in our collective sense of reasoning and thereby violating the Federation constitution.

Nigerians allowed sentiments to drive them nuts in 2014-2015 polls, in 2014, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari gave Nigerians the false impression that the Nigerian Military have his certificate in their archives without the said Nigerian Military refuting his false claims that he has no certificate from London war college School down to Katsina his state where he forged a certificate with a picture of an old Mohammadu Buhari on a headcap, in the already forged certificate he Mohammadu Buhari credited the subject "Mathematics", the date on the certificate was not in correlation with the old date he claimed the certificate was obtained rather the date was updated rather than backdated. Everyone went chilled some even averred that with Bread label or Electricity Bill notice that they are okay with Mohammadu Buhari to govern. The airwaves became saturated with " Sai Baba" Sai Buhari " slogan in their ignorance.

Most Nigerian People rejoiced in their stupidity and the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra saw this as no funfair because the people have been swindled to the make-believe that Mohammadu Buhari is the Nigeria Messiah. Fast track to 2018-2019 general polls, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari now impostor Aminu Jubril "the Sudanese " maintained his false claims after filling in his Party form submitted to INEC that the Nigerian Military is with his certificate and the Nigerian Military came onboard fast to refute his claims, in a desperate move to jump the Nigerian Judiciary harmer of lying under oath, committed perjury went as far as dragging the reverence name of West African Examination Council to the mud with his senseless brain.

Mohammadu Buhari and his Hausa-Fulani handlers -the cabals, this time to keep the devil incarnate in power forged, doctored, cooked and manufactured a scam called original West African Examination Council Certificate headquartered at Ghana, What the masses want to know is, if the Ghanaian government is involved or aware of this academic fraud by the Daura born -Mohammadu Buhari?. In 1961 is Mohammadu Buhari bald or still have hair patterns growing on his skull?. The new original certificate has Mohammadu Buhari as being bald in 1961 with his Mathematics missing while in the previous presented WAEC result; he -Mohammadu Buhari credited same. When and in what year did WAEC start to imprint candidate's picture in his/her original Certificate?. Is WAEC in acknowledgement of Mohammadu Buhari in 1961?. Enough of this evil in the land.

West African Examination Council should act fast either to be in support or against the circulated WAEC result by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and handlers, West Africa Examination Council should not hesitate to refute the Nigerian Government on this false claims of Mohammadu Buhari having genuine result, if West African Examination Council do not deny this criminality acts of Hausa-Fulani then Biafrans will not consider having WAEC to search for admission or look for jobs if West African Examination Council can be ridiculed to this level, in all plain terms tyrant Mohammadu Buhari have no WAEC result and should be jailed alongside all those that helped him forged the certificate and scale through in the last polls.

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