November 08, 2018

Authored by Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi for TheBiafraPost

The columnist of this fact-finding essay is not an ardent Muslim faithful but as a humanist and prolific essayist will not fail to acknowledge between evil and good as there is much already blood spilt on the land. Nigeria as a country designed and put into being by the British slave merchants is unsalvageable of anything to do with evil and bad omen. Humanity and Justice are bathed with the blood of the innocent, clothed with agony; a cry of living for another day if she dares survive the previous onslaughts is visibly seen on her innocent martyred citizens' lips. Nigeria is a home for perpetual killings of dissent voices.

Most surprisingly every true Nigerian live a life of pretence "suffering and smiling", no one in Nigeria is bold enough to challenge the ills of the bad Nigerian government imposed on them by the ever ruthless Hausa-Fulani cabals rigging into power charlatans, dictators and tyrants. First, does Nigeria have reformed Judiciary settings? This essay is a coin of divergent opinion and logic, do Nigeria operated a Judiciary system of government where it is the sole responsibility of the Nigerian Judiciary to interpret the laws of Federation to the Executive and pacifier of the hope of the commoners.
1. Do the Federation of Nigeria operate on a people-oriented constitution that if any constituent part[s] violates the other[s] gives outright mandates to the other constituent part to dismember herself.
2. What is the meaning of rule of law in the Nigerian constitution if any?.
3. What is the meaning of contempt of court order and disobedience to the rule of law in the Nigeria constitution?.

If actually in a "crystal spark constitution" that Nigeria is a country bounded by rule of law then there wouldn't have been much need to spill the blood of a fellow compatriot; these are the blood of the innocent commoners that the failed Nigerian Judiciary cannot protect their lives first and property second if the attachment of it is necessary to base on the content of motion in a debate line. Nigeria in all sincerity adopts a written constitution but her Judiciary don't know her work.

If a Nation adopts a written constitution, it, therefore, means that such a Nation-State is civil, democratic to the tenets of obeying rule of law as stipulated in her written constitution; just recently in the United States of America, protesters blockaded the moving vehicle of Mr Donald .J Trump. Mr Donald .J Trump being civilized and upholding the America constitution did not order nor unleash mayhem on the protesters; Mr Donald .J Trump did not bath the American soil with the blood of his fellow American citizens rather he searched for an escape route and made his way out of the rampaging protesters.

Mr Donald .J Trump of America understand quite well that those protesters also have reasons for engaging him to stop, because they own America together and her advancements to the best of the American peoples' knowledge and what their stipulates. Driving down the analogy to Nigeria with my compass reasonings, a military body that should behave herself under the constitution of Nigeria finds it not appalling to decimate on Shiite Muslim group. General Tukur Burutai unleashed the army on them and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra using Executive order. Insane I must say.

General Tukur Burutai is not the number one citizen of Nigeria while on a mission was stopped by the Shiite Muslim group to address them and take their grievances back to the Nigerian government rather ordered an army of perdition to massacre these people and an onslaught was effectively carried out; on the go, he ordered that their leader El-Zarzaky and wives be kidnapped into his custody and he later handed them over to the Nigerian government for probation on unfounded allegations. Note that General Tukur Burutai also quickly arranged for the mass burial of the Shiite Muslim group members killed in a shallow grave in order to cover up his crimes against humanity.

This same method of kill them at sight and quickly arranged for their burial was in line with the same pattern the Nigerian Military organized for the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra to be killed in various states in Biafra land; till date no Nigerian legal luminaries or their brown envelope journalists have worked assiduously to unravel at what crimes the Shiite group and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra massacred in cold blood committed; El-Zarzaky is in prison custody and the killing spree continued unabated by the Nigerian government security operatives.

Shamefacedly that a supposed General usurped the rights of the Nigerian Judiciary and her constitution by unleashing an army on the Nigerian citizens deserves to be in a penitentiary, General Tukur Burutai has had exalted himself as a demigod by opening a can full of worms to eat up the flashes of those his army killed, decimated like animals in the slaughterhouse. What are the crimes of Dasuki after a competent court of Jurisprudence had given the court order for him to be freed on bail same applied to El-Zarzaky and the Nigerian government finds it pleasing spilling their blood.

Are the members of IPOB and Shiite Muslims foreigners trying to take by force with them the territorial integrity of Nigeria as they would want us to believe that an army was unleashed on them to slaughter and crush their souls?. Which legal firm in Nigeria have tried in their unselfish interest to file a motion against the Nigerian government and her Military wing towards ascertaining the crimes that these people committed against the Federation that is not written in any constitution of the world governing council?. Are self-determination and protest a crime in any laws of the universe?.

Fulani herdsmen a certified terrorist organization are out there on rampage, killing, bullying, extorting and pillaging their host communities in the Middle Belt and some states in the South-East yet no Nigerian Army of perdition was unleashed on them to curtail their savages on the receiving communities rather tyrant Mohammadu Buhari gave an executive order for them to be protected by the same Nigerian Military even in the face of their atrocities. When in any consulted constitution of this world has it become the core and absolute role of the Military to be deployed within the state during a peaceful protestor is it not the work of the civil guard - the Police to be deployed in order to return normalcy to the land while the Military fight on external forces.

Why has Nigeria chosen to make a mockery of herself and a joker of all times in anything relating or pertaining to law?. The Military have power to kill because the Nigerian 1999 constitution the Civilian Nigerian government is tapping her ideas from is solely a Military constitution not people oriented constitution, the members of the Shiite Muslim group were seen since last week in some Abuja streets peacefully protesting for the release of their leader - El-Zarzaky and wives and promise not to depart until the Nigerian government set her leader free based on court order; rather than listening to them as citizens of Nigeria, decided again to be killing them for coming up with such demands, what a world we live in Nigeria.

Some fool heads, the so-called Nigerians could not stand tall with the Shiites' with their demands rather they were advising people to look for alternative routes away from where the Shiites were protesting so that they won't be shot as well; every Nigerian went on mute and the Shiites were slaughtered again in Abuja. The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra considered this an inhuman acts talked to the government of the United States of America that this Mohammadu Buhari Nigerian government be tried on the basis of crimes against humanity, without much ado the USA government welcomed his plea wholeheartedly and ask for an independent commission of inquiry into these killings.

For now what is left of the Shiite Muslims in Nigeria is to declare themselves "Stateless and Unsafe" in Nigeria so as to have the protection of the United Nations on them and their survival as a people for being killed for no crimes of whatsoever, United Nations should not fail to protect these people with this organ of law. Middle Beltans are also not exceptional to this call of United Nations stateless individuals protection because it has become crystal clear to all that the Nigerian government under the effective command of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari cannot protect them and this Mohammadu Buhari is on a conquest mission of killing them all, convert them and take their lands and everyone is quiet in the face of inhumanity coupled with impunity. What is left of El-Zarzaky and Dasuki is to rot in jail because tyrant Mohammadu Buhari doesn't obey rule of law nor court order

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