(An Ode To Dim Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu)
By Nwada Chinenye Ogbodo For The Biafra Post
Twitter handle: @chinenyemaryan9
November 9, 2018

like a lion in the battlefield
You fought for millions of captives to be liberated
You fought for what you strongly believe in
You never gave up in the course for freedom
you are the hero of my heart

Horridly they came in thousands of jackboot marching forward with Armour and riffles to snap thee from the comfort of thy rubbles, yet like the unarmed thumb, you stood so firm.

In the conviction of thy belief
You fought against discrimination and marginalization
You believe in freedom because you know what it means to be a free man.
you are the hero of my heart

In thy battle for liberation, we acknowledge thee
For the love of humanity and Biafra
We acknowledge thee.
you fought for the liberation
Of the poor and rich, young and old,
You believe in the language of freedom
you are the hero of my heart

Blooded but never bowed, you gave all that you have for the sake of love
You never judged the very course which took all from you
A selfless hero you are, a man of integrity, full of humour
You are gone but your memories live on with us for eternity.
you are the hero of my heart

On the verge for freedom, we beseech thy blueprint
And never to forget thy footprint.
Freedom and liberation we must conquer for a peaceful ending.
Tagged no victor no vanquish but a hero you are.
you are the hero of my heart

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