Written by Chinenye Ogbodo

For The Biafra Post
November 10, 2018
Twitter handle: @chinenyemaryan9


A nation filled with greatness
A nation filled with captivating talents
A nation With so much creativity to its brim
A nation blessed by the creator

A land with so much fortune
A land with beautiful treasures
A land filled with so many natural resources
A land that flows with milk and honey.

My land is Green which signifies fertility.

My skin is Black
My blood is Red
And the sun rises from the east

I have a dream:
That one day this nation shall be free;
That one day this nation shall rise again;
That one day Africa shall rise in recognition of my motherland
That one day her glory will be lifted above nations.
This is my dream- and so I believe.

My prayers to the great Nation i foresee, I await your arrival oh motherland.

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