Biafra: Radio Biafra And Biafra Television Services Have Come To Stay; Nigerian Government Headed By The Fulani Caliphate Cabal Cannot Stop It - IPOB

IPOB Press Statement | 10 November, 2018
Published by The Biafra Post

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader
It is on record that Nigerian government and her agency Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation tried all they could to stop Radio Biafra from broadcasting from London but failed. They went as far as putting pressure on the British government to close out studios in London, that too failed. They purchased Satlink an Israeli company that provided us satellite services. They did this through a company in the United States. As soon as the company assumed control of Satlink, they terminated our contract. We moved to another supplier and have been with this supplier for 5 years now. One important thing to understand is this, the federal government of Nigeria never successfully shut down any Radio Biafra frequency since inception. That is a fact. They repeatedly tried and repeatedly failed because Almighty Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama is in control of IPOB and its activities.

Our contract expired with our service providers and we stopped the service hence any changes in frequency. We are not aware that Nigerian government moved their beloved Hausa Service to the frequency once occupied by Radio Biafra. Hausa Fulani radio service is meant for Hausa Fulani not Biafra. We have our own Radio Nigeria Hausa Service run by RADIO BIAFRA.

Biafra radio and television services have come to stay which this Nigerian Government headed by the Fulani caliphate cabal cannot stop. Anybody thinking of stopping Radio Biafra and Biafa Television is hallucinating. Our media platforms must continue to disseminate undiluted and accurate information to the people of Biafra and Nigeria until the end of time.

Biafra freedom is important and sacrosanct to the people of Biafra especially IPOB members worldwide, therefore we are fully determined to fund the running of Radio Biafra and Biafra television till Biafra sovereignty is restored.


Editor/ Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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