Authored By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi -TBP
November 26, 2018

A Biafran adage has it that a wise woman knows who got her pregnant and who the father of the unborn child is while the foolish and unreasonable woman points accusing finger on all the men that she came across with. The Nigerian broadcasting cooperation and her other outlets like the foolish and unwise woman will always find it more appealing to use distortion of information to blackmail the Indigenous People of Biafra in the face of much glaring evidence that vindicates IPOB of their sinister.

Journalism should be sound, objective and quality wise and should not despair while dishing out information for public consumption; sound and quality dissemination of information is the hallmark of the press, it is viewed that the media house should act as the accurate timekeeper of events and proper information giver rather than creating falsehood in the minds of the people who look up to them for the state of the matter in the society.

Isn't it shameful that till date no media houses in Nigeria both her conventional and unconventional outlets have summoned courage enough to investigate and tell the gullible Nigerians who the man in Aso-Rock is but they are happy to blackmail the Indigenous People of Biafra, if the Nigerian media houses are this dishonest and untrustworthy in their reportages how do you think the political class will be or look like ?.

Sound information and its dissemination should be the backbone of a media house whose Nation is found and built on truth, media is virtually the mouthpiece of the people in any given society but in Africa, they help the government to bury their sins against humanity. False information when propagated by the media can cause societal disorder, lawlessness and anarchy. Media houses should be up and doing in directing and reporting of events which perhaps turn to be news. It is shameful that the Nigerian media houses and their owners engage themselves in politics which absolutely corrupt their intention of giving out what is right to the people.

The Nigerian media houses can go a long way to help the Nigerian government with her evil, Nigerian journalist(s) are always afraid to confront the Nigerian government on what they think is abnormal to the betterment of the people because they all have compromised their position by taken care of by what is in the envelope by the government handlers or associates. It is a win-win affair for the Nigerian government once they could lobby their way out with money or written cheque.

Sometimes what you see or read on their National papers are junks, disjointed information generated from the gutter or a beer parlour gathering. Nigerian journalists are good in fabricating falsehood once the information has to do with Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra, the ever compromised journalists lie more than the devil himself because they lack human conscience and the ability to reason like humans, the just concluded IPOB protest last week Friday where the Nigerian media houses falsely reported that the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra killed a serving Nigerian police officer will at least tell the good people of the world what Biafrans and Africans are passing through in the hands of their crude governments and her crude media houses.

Information at our disposal has it that the said rumour of killing a serving Nigerian police officer was stage-managed by the Nigerian media houses all in a bid to help the ever tyrannical government of Nigeria to continue with their killing spree on IPOB members but their gimmicks failed when the Indigenous People of Biafra intelligence officers kept a tab on the said man which helped the intelligence officers to unravel at what the crude Nigerian government and her media houses have in stock for them

The work of a journalist is not done by drunks but by men and women of high intelligence quotient, to this I ask which Nigerian newspapers has find it reasonable enough to condemn or question the ever bias Nigerian government on the proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra that lacks merit within the Nigerian constitution and elsewhere, rather it is shamefacedly that what the Nigerian media houses do is to lend credence to this unfounded proscription in their reportages that the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra did this and that, what a confused system that Nigerians live in. The media blackout is the worst form of atrocity that can befall a people and a Nation, it simply means that that the government dictates for them on what to write, report and events to come or not. Nigeria is in a dilemma.

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