By Kelechi Okorie,
For TB
December 3,2018

I have not seen government worst, wicked and hopeless more than Nigeria, a suppose country that ought to be having national mourning for losing more than 150 soldiers a day is busy playing cabals, political giant. A system one man’s political giant is more important than battalions of soldiers slaughtered in Metele Village, Guzamala LGA area of Borno state. The earlier Nigerians acknowledge their government does not have value for citizens’ life will be better for them, hoping to have protection by the government is absolute fiction to dead passage. Ordinary press statement to commemorate the deceased families that lost their loved ones in the stage manage decimation of helpless soldiers but only consolidate unconfirmed Abba Kyari’s dead, the cabals headmaster. The presidency was curious to report Buhari’s Chief of Staff Dismissal whereas, where he was buried is confidential making the dead rumour sceptic and contradicting likewise, Buhari’s dead secret report which later exploded at the appropriate time.

All Defense Force could say was to immensely deal with anybody sharing videos of disgraceful mass elimination of Nigeria Military bases so that the world won’t know what happens not knowing the statement gives the wrong signal to the world to extract every detail and root cause of solid arrangement against particular soldiers from specific tribes. All along, Nigeria soldiers have turned to sacrificial lamps unto Boko Haram to strangle at will, media were warned never to leak such information or risk shutting down their platform hence, the presidency has long boasted to have defeated the dreaded terrorist group technically says by machine head liar Lai Mohammed, Information Minister.

By the way, why is it that Operation Pythons refused to dance even in their own domains whenever Boko Haram confronts them for the exchange of force? But so curious to wear their dancing costumes against unarm innocent vulnerable citizens excising their legitimate right for self-determination as enshrined in the constitution? What stops fighter jets level common illiterate Boko Haram, does it mean the same jet fighters used during Operation Python Dance II with intention of killing IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, malfunctioned all through the hours Boko Haram comfortably squeezed the whole barracks? Somehow, this terrorist group may not excessively be blamed Initially they were once peaceful propagating to have Islamic state through referendum unfortunately, Nigeria government wages war against this group, their leader Yusuf Mohammed and hundreds of his men were killed in number up till date innocent Nigerians are paying the price with their blood. Due to lack of conflict management by Nigeria government, this present menace could have been averted should the responsible Zoo government applied diplomacy in dealing with the predicament overwhelming the Africa most giant of fraud named Nigeria.

Perhaps, it is a clear cute those political juggernauts use insecurity to extort funds from international bodies around the world for themselves in the guise of fighting terrorism in Nigeria, making it be a lucrative business that paid heavily. Cabals involved are feeding fat TBP learnt, investigation reviews few military commanders are party to insecurity business deal-making low-rank soldiers more especially those from Biafra extraction vulnerable in the battlefield. It continues, the contract extension to a group of cabals in charge of manufacturing Dunlop foam mattress using to bury soldiers killed in replacement of gasket. This business venture is presently a hot cake, manufacturers are provocatively earning huge amount of money because of a high rate of demands as soldiers are slaughtered on daily basis. Quite worrisome, most media outlets cannot report it, some are afraid of closing down their station while others are politically induced. One of the Dunlop foam mattress manufacturers who pleaded anonymity says, within a short period of time the business contract has yielded his wealth he could not achieve over the years. According to him, the more Nigeria soldiers kill the more his bank alerts ring as a result of demands of the goods.

This long Boko Haram stint has become an ideology that cannot be defeated by miserable government such as Nigeria, only good in using far away Syria bombs to deceive gullible Nigeria to believe military is on top of the matter while the truth remains soldiers are brutally decimated and defeated with substandard military hardware to withstand their opponents using military obey the last order to push young Biafra soldiers to their early grave with no benefits

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