By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
September 04, 2018

The news making waves within the world global systems that typically use Nigeria as an indices for being among the poor country's in the world in this present time do not occur to us as a surprise; it is even expected of the body [Institution] to rightly classify Nigeria as a hellhole where penury, poverty, diseases, miseries, and subjugation have become the order of the day in the midst of plenty. Why won't there be a poor Nigeria when all the Nigerian public political office holders and their god in crime - British government- milk the dying cow - Nigeria- on a day to day basis with no form of restitution to better the life of an average commoner living in the unjust Nigeria society.

When you kill a vermin ant on a child it is also expected of you to show the child what has been keeping sucking out a living on him/her; British government is the fatten cow while Nigeria has become the object of mockery through the activities of "Shell BP" in Nigeria. In Nigeria, the political and traditional stools are all criminals with the exception of few individuals amongst them; but the indices available has shown that out of 100% on a periodic sequentially test, 97% is the greedy hoodlums we have in government and as traditional leaders.

First and foremost, before the carcasses of Nigeria, dying cow will be laid to rest let us figuratively and arithmetically state herein that Nigeria is fast gone to oblivion as a result of the British government dabbling into the affairs of Nigeria financially, politically, economically, administratively and resourcefully. It is expected of readers to make research on what build-up a stable society where accountability is a top notch. British government economic policies and blueprints were handed over to the deficient in academics lazy unity begging Almajiri from the North for their effective control.

Abacha Loot - pen it down to all others who must have by chance or crook ruled Nigeria to have a better understanding of why we remain poor while getting to poorer to poorest soonest because a layman tyrant Mohammadu Buhari is handling the Nigeria affairs as handed over to him by the British government.
When someone goes out to steal and after looting his or her victims dry, came back and ask for your help towards safeguarding his booties, and you participated in; instead of you to rebuke him and tell him to look for somewhere else. What does that make you?. An accomplice because you encourage this criminal to continue with his criminality acts.

Knowledgeably in a just and sane society an accomplice in crime of any sort is culpable of a fine or jail terms cause it seems he abet and promote criminals to always plunder people of their treasures; in this scenario if you are one who does not meddle or involve yourself with this criminal and his activities, definitely you have exonerated yourself from the judiciary hammer of condemnation. Driving down this analogy home, records available divulgates that almost all the Ex. public political office holders and current in Nigeria have and operate a secret British government account.

Information has it that the British government help them to stashed these monies [booties], these monies stashed away was meant to reinvigorate, rehab, reshape and rebuild the dreams of the indigenous Nigerian persons; when these monies are been stashed away what do you make out that would be the standard living conditions of the people?. The answer is before us - a poor Nation State.

The British government, on the other hand, will summon these criminals cum public political office holders to meetings to either allow them to continue to illegally and illegitimately exploit their county's resources - oil. The British government will trick on them, of exposing them using British government penal code and run a forfeiture of these monies and automatically the monies becomes that of the British government treasury. When people who are elected to govern turn their people into slaves and beggars tell me what do you expect of that society - Poverty. This is the reason for an insolvency Nigerian and Nigeria state.

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