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Authored By Anyi Kings
September 4,2018

BBC also known as British Broadcasting Corporation, can also better defined as British Broadcasting Corruption for their anti-people"s media in promoting lies in their quest to cover up ongoing genocide being committed by killer Fulani herdsmen terrorist the world fourth deadliest terrorist organization as declared by Global Terrorism Index (GTI) It is no more news that Britain the colonial master of Nigeria was also the creator of Nigeria through a forced amalgamation of southern and Northern protectorate in the year 1914 for a sole purpose of their selfish interest, due to rich mineral resources in Biafra land.

But the news is that many are unaware that despite the so-called flag independence celebrated in 1960 by Nigerians in which they handed Nigeria their very own property and creation to Hausa/Fulanis; British has continually been ruling Nigeria by proxy through Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy and thereby have continually been feeding fat economically from the crude oil that is coming from Biafra land .

It is on record and evidently clear that the then British Government under Herold Wilson instigated the avoidable war of 1967-1970 Biafra vs Nigeria in which over five million Biafrans were massacred in a defensive war with the help of Britain and other world powers against defenseless Biafrans with their sole aim to keep Nigeria one so that oil from Biafra land will continue to flow. Yakubu Gowon then military head of state who staged a counter-coup to promote a Northern secessionist movement quickly jettisoned his quest for Northern secessionist agenda after the British Government has promised to supply FMG under Yakubu Gowon armory for a possible whipping out of the whole Biafrans in exchange for Biafra oil , and suddenly after the declaration by Yakubu Gowon that there are no bases for Nigeria unity that has been badly ruined, the song changed to Britain's slogan of to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done. The atrocities of the British government against Biafra people in enforcing the unity of their creation Nigeria for their economic interest in Biafra land against the wish of the different component of indigenous people that made up this contraption called Nigeria are very well documented in a declassified file. Their role in the supply of military weapons to( FMG ) Federal military Government of Nigeria and their role in blockage of air, land, and sea including media blackout against Biafrans that warranted over 1.5 million Biafrans to die of starvation all in their quest to keep Nigeria one cannot be forgotten so quickly.

It is worthy to alert the world, people of good conscience lovers of freedom and Biafrans worldwide, that the British Government is at it again as they are still fighting hard with tooth and nails to further keeping their company called Nigeria one at the detriment of Biafrans, with their fake media outfit called BBC IGBO. With the latest outburst of the stage-managed interview granted to one acclaimed Igwe Bernard Nwoye of Akwuke Kingdom, Presenting Fulanis herdsmen terrorists of Nigeria, a globally recognized terrorist group as a peaceful people that have between three years of the reign of their grand patron as president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari destroyed not less than 100 billion dollar worth of properties and over 500,000 innocent lives mostly Judeo/Christian Biafrans with impunity unchallenged because their grand patron Muhammadu Buhari is their chief sponsor with their jihadist agenda to spread sharia in all part of Nigeria.

It's so shameful that a supposed to be respected media outfit like BBC can bring themselves too low and present themselves so unprofessional in a media world just to advance their course in promoting already expired one Nigeria, with the latest viral video with an interview to a compromised traditional chief of Akwuke Kingdom and a good rehearsal Igbo language by a Fulani man to be on camera and send a false message to the world that Fulani herdsmen are peaceful people ;

But the question in everyone's lips is when Fulani herdsmen invaded, and attacked and killed over 200 indigenes of Ukpabi Nimbo in Uzouwani Local Government Area Of Enugu province Biafra land, where was BBC Igbo for a fact-finding mission? where is their report on Fulani's atrocities against Biafrans in Ukpabi Nimbo? The series of Invasion of Ogwu local government in Enugu state by Fulani herdsmen where is BBC Igbo for a fact-finding mission? Where is BBC Igbo report for Agatu kingdom? where over 2000, lives were slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen? where is BBC Igbo in all the reported attack by Fulani herdsmen in Ebonyi state, Anambra state, Abia state? Imo state? even delta state where a report has it that Fulani herdsmen killed a traditional ruler which forced the kingdom to install a 17 years old boy as a traditional ruler of the community as customs demand? The latest charade in the name of journalism by BBC Igbo is a call for mass action and a call for a total boycott of BBC IGBO media outfits both on social media and on radio or tv broadcast as they have proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be anti-people's media. most especially anti-Biafra media.

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