By Kelechi Okorie,

September 8,2018

Media is a major arsenal using by British government to continue the uninterrupted extension of economic and political dominance over her colonies, the abolition of colonialism and slave trade ushers in modern system of dependency known as imperialism where deceptive flag independence was given to conquered territories by British government but absolutely depend on socio-political economy of her colonial masters. This is how Britain underdeveloped Africa using internal gullible machinery serving as slave managers. BBC has gone beyond fret to an extent of hiring hungry Eze’s in Igbo land to launder Fulani incessant extermination of Igbo race in particular and Biafra at large. Brown envelope journalists in BBC Igbo service are deliberately disseminating fake news to gain financial inducement from lifeless arch genocidist Mohammadu Buhari, their paymaster.

Media determines information accumulate by the general public. Unlike BBC, dispatching information by any reputable media outlet always making sure it gives accurate facts with a reliable source, it serves as a mouthpiece of vulnerable masses under danger, not BBC that sold her conscience to devil inflicting more injuries and harm on already wounds melted against the indigenous population. Her low key cinemascope where myopic HRH Igwe Bernard Nwoye (Ohachirieze) I of Akwuke kingdom and one visionless Mohammed Changa, a Fulani man were featured to eschew their vindication of uncontrollable barbaric acts against Biafrans in Enugu province. It is no longer hidden herdsmen become power drug with AK 47 and other sophisticated weapons wrecking havocs immediately their life grand patron Buhari was rigged in power, jihad war, imperialism becomes modus operandi uses to expand their interior motive of conquest. Feudal system speedily resurface, Fulani fundamentalists having full control of other peoples land by force or you get to kill with government backing. Pathetic, all the killings in Enugu, Aba, Igweocha, Benue,Ebonyi etc BBC never report this to the world or play justice to it instead prefer playing at the gallery hence, uninterrupted free flow of oil from Biafra land remains untapped using their perfect slave managers from Northern extraction, everybody can go to hell. Only unprofessional media like BBC can hide the truth from people not to be aware of happenings within their surrounding, profoundly peddle fabricate fake news to deceive gullible.

All through BBC reports, it is on record they blank all the killings in Biafraland started from Biafra genocidal was sponsored by then British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Recent Theresa May visitation to Nigeria, she never steps her foot in Biafraland to show consolidate with the families that lost their loved ones in the hands of murderous Fulani terrorist. Lunatics everywhere!! This brown envelop gutter media house turns blind eyes on the deliberate daily destruction of crops for cattle’s to feed fat making farmers harvest nothing at the end farming season. Quite unfortunate, one useless so called Igwe Bernard Nwoye allows himself to be bought against the above and collective interest of its own people, he must be seen as those Igbo political elites and their partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo sabotaging freedom of its own dying every day. The mistakable over long recite breach speech using Igbo dialect by one Mohammed change, a modified terrorist cattle herder in a cinematograph entails how mentally derail a supposed global professional media company has gone in exploitation, her unprofessionalism is at stake men of integrity should study deceptive stage manage video to ascertain if this compromise BBC is still mentally balanced or deserves to boycotted for their inherent wickedness against the people of Biafra.

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