By Kelechi Okorie,

Dead is botany phrase to accord lifeless, it is an inevitable natural phenomenon every living must face once in a lifetime unlike, Boko Haram leader Shekau Abubakar, the second most terrorist group, who dies more than four times and resurrected. Speculation of lifeless Chief terrorist Mohammadu Buhari, the Nigeria president may not be expatiating from its cohesive affinity with state manage Boko Haram notorious leader. Diplomatic lobby by Nigeria government to hide it from the world has long been exposed hence pregnancy cannot be hidden unless is been aborted before its maturity as cabals in presidency dubiously unveils imposter to presides over the governing to skip the past mistakes of Yaradua’s era that transited power to a Christian Biafran, Goodluck Jonathan by circumstance. US president Donald Trump only vindicated both IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, when he equivocally confirms the imposter was imported from Sudan and Ex-British lawmaker Eric Joyce insists on Buhari’s dead respectively. Dead and life have nothing in common, Trump does not want to associate with dead he made it clear to abstain from lifeless Nigeria and her president. At least 12 Super Tucano Air Craft to be delivered to Nigeria against Biafra dies a natural.
Seasonal drama in presidency does not need a prophet to prophesy the fallout since the rumor of Buhari's dead Nigeria first lady Aisha suddenly disappears from the scene with her daughter who finds it pleasant defending her father’s atrocities committed against innocent masses. Online foreign media that broke out the news hardly be access now, to prove something is wrong somewhere the cabals are hell bent to seal every loophole in order to continue having control over Nigeria. Buhari’s trek supporter was seen wrote RIP against second bide ambition of his master till date nobody knows if he is still alive to conclude his journey or not, he may probably be on strike down on the way by ruling party seems dead is a hallmark of Nigeria. The lifeless president claimed to have trekked 800metres for his fitness to run the second term whereas, his supporter trekked from Lagos to Abuja, now who is alive and fit for the position if only trekking determines the fitness of presidential position? Perhaps, Nigeria Minister of Labor and Productivity Chris Ngige, profoundly said the lifeless president is heather than 80% of Nigerians invariably, keeping the record straight that all Nigerians are walking corpse.

Calamities befalling on the mere geographical expression called Nigeria that has no literal meaning is yet to have a political remedy on her woe, many thought Buhari will be resurrected once world leaders step their feet in Nigeria, Emmanuel Macron came refuses mingled with departed souls. Both British Prime Minister Theresa may and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not made any impact to resurrect the collapse contraption, their generational lucrative company. There is no way of putting it their international diplomatic shenanigan ends in disdain, inanimate. Should Nigeria wants to have fresh breath referendum must be conducted for Biafra to determine their future either to remain in already failed British Empire or to opt out. Lifelessness calling Nigerians in Diaspora to come down to burial ground where charlatans and blood-sucking bats are in charge of every nook and cranny was ridiculous for any reasonable fellow to digest. Nigeria economy crashes making her world center of poverty, hunger ravaging masses without hope of aspiring living above one dollar a day, feeding becomes a costly commodity while politicians are taking advantage of it to impoverish those they claim to be represented. It is unnatural 1914 amalgamation remains the fundamental cause that necessitates lifeless country with the lifeless leader having preeminence above the interest of those that are alive.

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