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By Kelechi Okorie,

August 26,2018

Coincided double victory of hundreds of IPOB women released on Friday 14th August, was a shocker to all and sundry that the grass root movement did not only taking charge of Biafraland but also swallows Nigeria alive in their own law court. Those that are resolute in the struggle were neither deterred nor capitulate IPOB women’s torture in detention illegally though, it was summative hectic task ahead to condole but confidence on Biafra women victory at the end for their velocity to make history becomes certain. Already fixed date September 3rd by Owerri Magistrate Court suddenly changed for good, the same day Shalom Victory Zone inauguration ceremony was set aside to take place, at the venue, a message came in with caption “All Road Leads to Owerri” I laughed optimistically for perceiving it as a day of victory for IPOB.

Biafra women keep setting historical records, 1929 Aba Women Revolt, can never be forgotten in a lifetime world itself acknowledges the impacts by those women against suppression, gender inequality and illegal extortion by Zoo British colonial masters. The same thing applicable for surprised unconditional and acquitted released of Biafra women prisoners of conscience. We were at Shalom Victory Inauguration Ceremony when the breaking news has it that hundreds detained IPOB women released unconditionally, wing of victory and joy descended on everyone at the ceremony I kept mute in conviction and strength of Biafra women were at work. Never in Nigeria history where a court that lacks jurisdiction to adjudge a case was the same court to release IPOB women, it shows how more resolute they are on their quest to restore the lost heritage.

Invariably, it is either Nigeria government is ignorant of their own constitution or extremely wicked against Biafra. It sounds stupid a court of law (Magistrate Court) ruled not to have jurisdiction to preside over a particular capital offence as they tagged it remanded defendants in prison for nothing sake. I find it ridiculous how a jury with reputation will trial old women above the age of crime been charged such as terrorism, treasonable felony and other bogus frivolous baseless charges with placards, flags marching peacefully sensitizing its environ the forthcoming Biafra referendum. This nonsense can only happen in a forsake mere geographical expression called Nigeria, where animals are respected more than a human being. The slave manager in Owerri, Rochas Okoro Hausa follows his master’s footsteps the Chief terrorist Mohammadu Buhari, in detaining aged women without conscience and respect for womanhood. To them, women only belong to the kitchen, room and other rooms with a real interpretation prison, where women are not allowed flourishing in their various endeavour.

IPOB the most peaceful well organize grass root movement knew better than Nigeria, Took advantage of a judicial miscarriage of justice against the women to show the world how barbaric the cattle republic has gone in human rights violation to extend of mesmerizing innocent old women unjustly. Notwithstanding, some weak mind thought it was over perhaps, it is inconceivable one to imagine IPOB accept defeat. Awesome, IPOB women were arraigned in court for terrorism, treasonable felony, belonging to an unlawful society etc at same time more inauguration zone like Shalom Victory and unconditionally released of their mothers perfected simultaneously, to show Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeat with guns and bullets. Nigeria government led by paedophile Baba is afraid of a referendum; his poor educational background sees a referendum as a call for war. Gruesomely, he might not be blamed as such; he is an analogue president that refuses to upgrade himself in a contemporary digital system of democracy. He knew nothing on hallmarks of democracy, checks and balances, rule of law etc that make up a democrat only believes in Gestapo military junta’s chain of command and control. It does not matter 800km trekking for the second round of Biafra annihilation edition, IPOB can neither be intimidated nor contemplates defeat in any kind as wing of victory is blowing all around Biafraland for absolute freedom from both mental emancipation and freedom for goodwill socially, politically, economically above all, under his watch Biafra must come.

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