Biafra:[Investigation]: The Irrationality In Justice Binta Nyako Court Room; The Cause Of Biafra Mothers Engaged In A Protest

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
August 22, 2018

Owerri - The state capital of Imo State of Nigeria was on rowdy session on the 17th day of August 2018 where it was seen that the Biafran mothers could no longer endure what they term the irrationality of the Nigerian government and her judiciary under the effective hands of Justice Binta Nyako to demand from the Fulani President of Nigeria Mr Mohammadu Buhari what happened to the young man - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu since the 14th day of September 2017.

Justice Binta Nyako carefully removed Nnamdi Kanu's case from the list of cases for her to rule on simply because the Nigerian government were indicted in the forceful disappearance of the man [Nnamdi Kanu], who was wrongly accused by the Nigerian government for boldly asking for his rights to self-determination under a United Nations charter; the muteness from Justice Binta Nyako all this while since last year a man placed under his courtroom custody was abducted from his hometown in Afara-Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia of Abia State spawn these women like her into action to demand for the body of Mr Nnamdi Kanu from the Nigerian government if dead or alive.

The irrationality is much that even the blind will be forced to see reasons while these Biafran mothers went on protest and the most disgraceful part of it was that during the peaceful protest the Imo government under the effective command of Rochas Okorocha who happens to be Mr Nnamdi Kanu's number one foe commanded the security agents in his state to dehumanized these women as if he was not born of a woman. Had it been that Justice Binta Nyako stand tall against all forms of sentimentalism, bigotries, ethnocentric and being nepotistic thereby demand from the Nigerian government what happened to Mr Nnamdi Kanu she knew too well that was up and doing coming to his courtroom there wouldn't have to be reason for this mother of all protest by our mothers in the streets of Owerri.

The worst form of human abuse is for the persons that were wrongly accused to be placed on hunger strike by the persons that accused them, investigation carried out reviewed that this is an instrument the Nigerian and Imo State government is currently using on these mothers to weaken their undeterred spirits toward knowing exactly what happened to their son - Nnamdi Kanu; the Nigerian government forgot so soon that some of these mothers are ulcer patients, some are breastfeeding mothers while some are aged mothers suffering from one form of health impairment or another. What offence have they committed for moving around the streets of Owerri with banners, placards and being half naked to demand about their son's whereabouts together with the parents?.

When has it become an offence for people to assemble, chant songs of displeasure while in protest in the Nigerian constitution?. I will continue to blame honorable Justice Binta Nyako because she is the cause of all these unnecessary tensions in the country; Justice Binta Nyako could not see herself as a woman with prestige and defend her profession with chivalrousness rather she chose to make a mockery of herself and qualification for allowing the corrupt Nigerian government to dictate for her on what role she is to play with respect to Nnamdi Kanu's case.

Holding our mothers in Owerri prisons facilities by the crude and wicked Nigerian government cannot and will not stop the Indigenous People of Biafra from asking the Nigerian government to produce Nnamdi Kanu because the Nigerian government is the arrowhead to be blame; isn't it shameful that Justice Binta Nyako suddenly forgets about the doctrine of the last seen [scene] from her law books since the forceful disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian Military who were last seen brutalizing every living souls at Elder Kanu's premises.

The Imo State police command and the Nigerian military should be held responsible for they shot live bullets at our mothers, teargassed them in a rudely manner; this is in case of sudden deaths that may emanate from this rascality always coming from the Nigerian security agents at all times; the irreducible spirit of our mothers so far would have sent a signal to Abuja and also teach the Nigerian government a lesson not to forget so quickly that women and their emotions concerning their children cannot toy with irrespective of who is involve or not; with fate the Indigenous People of Biafra await the Nigerian government to display their last dance of shame of charging these mothers with terrorism and treason charges which when scrutinize properly using point of laws are trump-up charges that have no basis to stand for motion in any courtroom. Instead of denying them bail on flimsy excuses why not discharge them honourably for they commit no crime known to man.

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