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Authored by
Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi
August 26,2018

This article is no derogatory attack on any personality, it is not meant to pour aspersions on any institution
The purpose of this write up is to critically assess those individuals who by hook or crook lay claim to the leadership of Igbo land.

Chief Nnia Nwodo, the leader of the socio cultural group known as Ohaneze Ndigbo had the protection of Igbo interest as an intimate part of the objectives of the group. Saying in nitty-gritty that Ohaneze Ndigbo is set up for nothing else but Igbo nation interest aggregation.

Following the activities of the Ohaneze Ndigbo led by john Nnia Nwodo, it became pertinent to review the leadership of this Igbo interest group for that will lead to a better understanding of the interest which this group actually represent.

An Igbo proverb suffix that "Ojiabali akpa nri amataghi na chi boo, a hu ukwu ya" ( a person who searches for food in the night may not know that his footprints must be seen at daybreak).

The recent unlawful arrest and detention of Igbo women and the criminal silence of Nnia Nwodo left nobody with any doubt as to whether Nnia Nwodo is the leader of his people or the betrayer.

Nnia john Nwodo remained criminally silent till after the release of the women before he released a charade in name of condemnation of the illegal detention of his mothers.
The arrest of Biafra women who were asking for the whereabouts of their son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu received wide condemnation from all nooks and crannies of the world yet the self acclaimed leader of Igboland in the person of Nnia Nwodo remained silent because probably the Fulani slave master didn't approve of him getting involved.

In his statement, he regretted the fact that an unarmed group like Ipob would be banned and tagged a terrorist group while the notorious Fulani herdsmen are still treated as "fellow countrymen"
We appreciate you Mr Nwodo for the end time observation but can you face the international community and inform them that actually, you led the proscription of Ipob that led to the tagging of Iipob a terrorist by Nigeria federal government.

Can you Mr Nwodo inform the world that you actually invited the Nigerian army to quell the Biafra agitation through the introduction of operation Python dance and spearheaded the bribing of traditional leaders to remain mute while the massacre of the Biafran youths lasted through the instrumentality of operation python dance?

One can quickly recall that you Nnia Nwodo that dropped the pretence in form of condemnation of the arrest of Biafra women went to Lagos and swore to quell and "sabotage" anything that will forestall Nigeria unity.

Mr John Nnia Nwodo. Your crimes against your people is numerous and cannot be condoned.
You betrayed your people and still stand to tell the world that you are their leader.

Nnia Nwodo, the only remedy for your actions here on earth is a public apology to the IPOB and immediate followup by calling your cohorts together and de-proscribe IPOB the same way you prescribe them.

A leader of a people must stand on the side of the people, now the Igbo populace stands on a referendum. Where do you stand Mr Nwodo?

You must identify with the cause of the Biafran people not as an individual but as a leader before you lay claim of leadership of Igbo nation.

Finally, I wish to let you know, that your crimes against your people are not pardonable in the land of "ndi ichie na ndi egede(hereafter) and the only good life you will ever find is the one the living can offer to you when you have done the needful.

Nnia Nwodo, no matter how much you receive and share, you can never win a war against your own people.

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