By Kelechi Okorie,
June 16,2018
My abdomen almost boost in laughter when the same people that ate their cake wanted to have it back, their miserable call for a coalition with IPOB was nothing but to infiltrate into what has already been labored over the years. So ridiculous these temporary groups seem not to understand the scenario of the sequence of events, few implicate individuals surreptitiously intend to get access from the back door in order to make themselves relevant through IPOB, forgetting a nation is bigger than groups. It makes sense when coalition advocates centered on forming a strong force/ alliance with all the clans in Biafra land, other than coalesce with pressure groups with primary objectives to influence government policies for the betterment of its members only, unlike, IPOB that has all Biafrans at heart.

Unconstitutionally proscription of IPOB as a terrorist organization by Buhari’s kangaroo court in Abuja, thinking that will mark the end of the agitation not knowing nothing will make this noble global family to back down, it is an insult for our falling heroes, heroines and Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra, to contemplate joining issue with inappropriate methodological approach by these bad wounded miscreants propagating coalition after a successful compliance of Sit At Home Order by IPOB. Perhaps, the coalition is a synonym to partnership unfortunately, terms and conditions governing it are still complicit none of these groups could able to ascertain their inputs and guiding principles of partnership. It does not matter flimsy agenda they might gallivant, their failure to succeed in all deceptive tricks to evict Nnamdi Kanu, their next planned was to pollute this uncorrupt grass root movement by aligning their visionless groups.

In all indications, these unscrupulous elements set up by Nigeria Chief pedophile Buhari, the Gestapo president are not backing down on their poor jobs to penetrate IPOB. If DSS, South East governors and its partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo are tired on their assign responsibilities to crush Biafra, is it not advisable to coalesce with Father Usman Danfulani Ejike Mbaka, Who has disappeared from the scene after a successful job well done in blackmailed former president Goodluck Jonathan? Was it not stupid how state-sponsored mere pressure groups struggling to snuff itself in, without campaigning for the release of the great leader and Biafra prisoners of conscience in various donjons undergoing inhuman maltreatment for exercising their legitimate inalienable right for self-determination? If these few miscreants had succeeded, you won't be surprised their next strategy might be to form Biafra Coalition Party, as the only way to restore the lost heritage. Already, all of them are chameleon one side in Zoo political structure looking for inducement and another side on the fence shouting Biafra from both sides of their mouth deceiving gullible Biafrans. Ndi Ara! Up till date, their summits to restructure Nigeria still in oblivion certainly, she must experience set back a country that was not structured from onset cannot be restructured. Sensible things that needed to quash by these power-drunk individuals were left aside, by virtue of 1999 Constitution, Nigeria is an Islamic state, caging her secularity at albinistic. Islamic extremism is ravaging all the communities without remorse yet none of them can speak up but searching for an avenue to outlive IPOB. Despite all the shenanigans, it is even better Trojan horses pass through the eye of the needle than coalition has its way.

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