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By Kelechi Okorie,

June 16,2018

One should not doubt Buhari’s desperadoes’ regime, approaching FIFA to ban Biafra flags to surface at the World Cup football tournament at Russia, everything in Nigeria is politics with money exchanging hands using the liquid natural endowments in Biafra land to settle scourge and favorable politics to retain status quo. Sports is one of the things that bide people with contradictory ideological differences together, as a football lover and a good fan to good clubs or countries with no grouch against opponents invariably, if my opposition against Super Eagles of Nigeria at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, can make them fail woefully so be it perhaps, thousands of Biafra youths murdered in cold blood since the heartless genocides regime atrocity came into power cannot be equated with human lives lost in the hands of Buhari’s led government.

Light always overpower darkness, the Risen Sun Flags must keep chasing expired Nigeria’s green-white flags away till it disappears from the surface of the earth, with bad records on an international tournament. It is good Nigeria president to drive so crazy in all spheres at the same time disgracefully slash globally, his propelled desperate move to lobby Morocco against Biafra restoration connotes beyond signifying literal meaning to squash Biafra rising sun flags to have access at the world cup, thinking FIFA is into politics of hatred. Fear engulfed presidency after overwhelmed Biafra flags hovering inside the stadium on a friendly match between Nigeria Vs the Czech Republic, that ended in a draw game. That alone may cause Super Eagles psychological trauma not to make an inch once Biafrans troop out in numbers with flags, her first leg against Croatia schedules on Saturday 16th June, 20 GMT, 8pm local time. It shall mark the beginning of Nigeria’s failure at the first sight of scripted genocidal banners with Biafra children starve to death. Furthermore, Biafra International Exhibition will be more colorful and interesting for mockery exhibition flag off on football matches in Russia.

Biafrans all over the world expect IPOB in Russia to organize themselves collectively with flags for any Zoo match, as a history maker, it is another opportunity to show what IPOB is made up of and in another hand, show the world how to determine IPOB is to restore its land under Hausa Fulani occupation. We commend hardcore dedicate Biafrans in Russia who have already shown a tip of the iceberg on their preparedness to exhibit at the World Cup

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