By: Marichu Contado Ekwoma
As: Ada Ora

                                                     THE BITTER TRUTH

No matter how you struggle to achieve an open door when you don't have the right key then you will land to destroy the door, but it will never give a successful entry. In this fight, is a far different battle. We need to move in three different factors to free. First to understand the key to Physical Freedom, one must be free spiritually; And to be free mentally, one must have a transformed spirit with a full mindset of freedom and enlightenment. Then the physical wisdom of the body will know, which road or way to go. Or else in another hand, our struggle will be in vain marching to nowhere and no clear direction to our desired destiny. 

Igbo land was lost and long been crying to go back home. But how can one go back home when he is ignorant of the way tracing back from where he came from before. Therefore wisdom of tracing back your root is the only key to achieve an open the door to victory. That is why it is a must to know and dig out the truth especially your name. Who are your parents (ancestors), kin (family), and never accept and adopt names given to you by strangers or by enemies on the way or else we will more be lost out of focus and from our origin. 

That is why we must know and discern every truth and to drop down those weights that can easily distract us and cause division is a must to put away from our movement. So by then, we will be equipped with the knowledge of the pure truth that will lead us the way who we are and what we are and gain back the right identity to aid us easily getting back home.

The question is what are they and those that we must cling to hold on to guide us on our way? First: What is your original name before you got into this mess? Secondly: Who are your parents and your parent's parents (ancestors). Next: What is your original tradition and culture? Lastly: Where do you live before? Whats the name of your home?  Even Biafra is not the original name of Igbo land from the old years of its kingdom existence so why claiming another title when the original name is there, and it is not a crime to uproot your unique name to identify and connect us to the root. 

So by then when we got all the truth, we will have the power to stand to defend ourselves from those who hinder us on the way. Especially strangers from brainwashing us into falsehoods and lies to enslave us with the power of ignorance.

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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