Biafra: Between Nigeria Bloody Election And Biafra Referendum; Which Do We Opt For?

Written By Comr. Onyegbula Solomon - TBP
April 16, 2018

The hour and season have come once again when some group[s] of politicians will want their voice[s] to be heard; when political harlots and scavengers will be jumping up and down like kangaroo from place to place just to convince some unsuspecting electorates to vote them in while the status quo remains the same.

The season when politicians who choose not to visit their constituencies even for once will come back with gallons of vegetable oil, bags of salt and rice just to tell the unsuspecting electorates how much they needed their votes. This period they will come back with promises much more than they gave before. Some will even go a long way in shedding crocodile tears asking for forgiveness, and trying to justify the reason for their earlier failures.

Some of this bloody politicians without conscience and sense of reasoning will be telling their uninformed constituents how repented they have become and other enticing words just to have them vote for them and the political party they represent.

But then, in the means of all these lies a salient issue or question "per se" which is "Between Nigeria Bloody Election and Biafra Referendum, to which do we opt for? Don't be deceived; many of them will come like saints but right inside their mind, it is as dark as the hadal or abyssal zone of the ocean.

Remember just like Joshua told the people of Israel to choose this day whom they will serve, so also is the Indigenous People of Biafra and lovers of Biafra freedom all over the universe is asking, between Nigeria bloody election and Biafra referendum which will the people choose. According to Joshua again, for me and my family I will serve the most High God.

Therefore, I charge the people of Biafra to embrace the forthcoming Biafra referendum, Biafra referendum will usher in the Biafra you and I crave for and this Biafra just like a new born child shall be heralded with joy which will be innumerable and unspeakable to her citizens and lovers of freedom as it will mean a new dawn.

Pertinent thoughts and questions that should be boiling in your minds are as thus:-

1. Do you seek for adequate and affordable power or electricity supply?
2. Do you seek for qualitative and compulsory education?
3. Do you seek for a durable and good transportation system?
4. Do you seek for a country were lives and properties of individuals are safe-guarded?
5. Do you seek for a country where her human and natural resources will be harnessed for the benefit of her citizens?
6. Do you seek for an egalitarian society where rule of law, justice and equity will be their watch word?
7. Do you seek for a country were unemployment will be a taboo?

Then this is the appointed time to support Biafra Referendum and shun Nigeria bloody election that has not yielded any meaningful thing in our collective lives rather the kleptomania politicians are taking us back to the dark days of no modern facilities befitting a modern society.

On the contrary, a country of savages and animals, a country lacking in the means of abundance, a country that is characterized by deaths of innocent citizens, unemployment, injustice, pains and misery, and a country where you are adjudged a third class citizen because you are not from Hausa or Fulani stock, a country where cattles are valued more than human lives, a country full of evil and blood-thirsty politicians with their fake promises; If you desire these pains then support and vote in Nigeria election.

Again I present Biafra to you if you have decided in your mind not to have anything to do with Nigeria and her rig election system, support Biafra and live like human or support Nigeria and die like an animal.

The choice is yours, the earlier the better.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi & published by Chinwe Korie

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