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Greetings to our wonderful followers on the Biafran post. This special work is based on individual opinions on confession of judge Binta Nyako in court yesterday where she bluntly retorted "am tired of hearing your voices. One wonders what voice Binta Nyako is tired of hearing and to this end, we take on the street to gather opinions on what people think about the "VOICE" I am Comr Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi,(TBP REPORTER) join me as we gather opinions on today's special edition tagged "THE VOICE" Reporter: Sir, please we will like to have the summary of what you understood by Binta Nyako's confession about being tired of hearing "their" voices, which voice is the judge tired of hearing in your own opinion? Mazi Chidiebere Mba: "On the voice..... it's a confessional statement showing how frustrated she's. Truth be told, the woman knows what to do but she is afraid to do it probably because of threats to her life that if she gives justice accurately, she will hear wiiiiiiimmmm. Secondly, the voice she confessed to got tired of hearing are voices of heroes and heroines crying to God for vengeance. God forced the word out of her mouth for a futuristic purpose. Our able compatriots being subjected to inhuman treatments have children and wives, they're the voices she got tired of. One significant event here is that if she fails to do the right thing, she may one day begin to run the street in a stark naked. Reporter: Mazi Godwin Chinedu what do you have to say about the voice? Mazi Godwin Chinedu: Justice Binta Nyako once again has proven essentially inadequate to preside over the case of our Leader and his co-defendant, Nothing could have triggered her loathings for Biafrans than what Ipob's counsel Barr Igwe voice brought forth. Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court in Abuja, whom on Wednesday APR 11, 2018 discharged and Frees two Boko Haram Members have no clue of the difficult journey ahead; not just in proving her evaluation of the reliability and credibility of oral evidence but also to restore the dignity of the judiciary. the voice that Mrs Nyako said she is tired of hearing is a Voice for Justice whose mission is to prevent acts of injustice and to actively seek and ensure justice fro the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), she got tired to hear a voice that firmly believes that justice delayed is justice denied. Reporter : (meeting Mazi Ejiofor Ezeobi, let's hear what he has to say about the voice, sir? Mazi Ejiofor Ezeobi: "The voice Binta Nyako is afraid of is the name Biafra because Biafra is "Agbala"(a god). You cannot tamper with Biafra and remain the same. Anytime she hears "Biafra" kamanu Ozuzu(KANU which means thunder) strikes her brain and she becomes uncomfortable, she should be pitied" Reporter: Comr Chimonic De Vinchi, you wish to say something about the voice? Comr Chimonic De Vinchi: it is the voice of justice Reporter: can you elaborate a bit, sir? Comr Chimonic De Vinchi: The echoing Voices of the Millions killed from 1945 to 2018 because of same Biafra is Speaking with an Echoing Voice like that of a waterfall through the Voices of the Defense Council. The Judge Binta who's obviously biased by playing with the Lives of innocent Biafrans just to save herself, her husband and son from the net of the Devilish Cabal fronting Jubril as President. Seeing the Signs and thunder (force) behind the Defence Council with fear not wanting to run again, frighteningly said... “Am tired hearing your voice"

Reporter: last but not the least on the gathered opinions, we have a great Biafran activist, he is no other than prof Russell Bluejack, sir what have you got for the public on the voice madam Nyako is afraid of? Prof Russell Bluejack: Hahahahaha! This is a very good question. She alone can identify the owners of the voices she hears. This is just the beginning of something supernatural. She is gradually learning that human action has consequences. Good acts beget good consequences; bad acts beget evil. Binta is one person that makes me know that Nigeria is too poisonous for life. She is a judge that can be so called in Nigeria. Elsewhere, I dare say, "Justice" Binta would do well as an uncouth bitch.

Reporter: Do you think sir, the voice have anything to do with the cries of dead Biafrans calling for justice as posited by many individuals? Prof Russell Bluejack: Yes, I do. God is the ultimate source of life. Anyone that takes or contributes to the taking of life will end up hearing eccentric sounds that this so-called judge hears. She might be a judge in Nigeria's court, but she is just a small fly in the divine court of God. She will always hear those voices each time our matter comes up

Reporter: As a political analyst, what do you think will be the end of this endless adjournment by Binta Nyako seeing she is in a dilemma on what to do with this case? Prof Russell Bluejack: She will either give up or run mad. She is in a deep shit as it stands. Erudite readers, at this juncture, we will end today's special public scrutiny, thank you all that made this program a success from Mazi Chidiebere Mba to Godwin chinedu, Chief Ejiofo Ezeobi, Comr Chimonic De Vinchi, prof Russell Bluejack and the general public, The Biafran post and biafrans in general appreciates your kindness.. Expect to hear from us next week..

Interview with Barr Aloy Ejimakor the man behind the AU IPOB court proceedings against Nigeria
He is in court as the supervising counsel for IPOB

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