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Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi, Comr Godwin J. Chinedu, Comr Chinenye ChukwTBP -
February 20, 2018 Greetings from the stables of Biafra Post weeklies on "Hard Truth", to our amiable readers and followers all over the world, on this week Hard Truth we will be focusing on nothing else but a critical overview on why the referendum is the last peaceful option to the Biafra struggle. This week Hard Truth Biafra Reporters are determined to inform the world on why the Indigenous People of Biafra are head-bent on having a free and fair referendum supervised and conducted in Biafra land by the mechanism of the United Nations in other to give the Biafra populace the opportunity to decide their fate. Listening to Radio Biafra last night and the documentaries of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) in conjunction with the Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) Addressing Journalists in Abuja Thursday, July 13, 2017 in which among other resolutions, they also called on the United Nations to intervene, by initiating processes for a peaceful referendum. In line with the Arewa Youth declaration, the Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide under the able leadership of their Supreme Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had continued to make preparation for a peaceful referendum, they have decided to go the way of peace instead of war which will definitely result to bloodshed, the Indigenous People of Biafra for having take such a bold step to approach Nigerians and the Nigeria State should be commended by the world at large; people must appreciate and commend the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership for ruling out war as a means for her agitation thereby make peaceful means her first priority.

The quest for referendum is something that must be applauded as it remains the only peaceful escape way for Biafrans from this death trap called Nigeria. Considering the speed in which the Islamic Jihadists in form of Fulani herdsmen are taking over Nigeria, with all these wanton destruction and lost of lives it has become pertinent that Biafrans should do everything possible within their will power so as to escape from this damnable destruction befalling Nigeria before her eventual fall and total Islamisation. The Islamists had concluded plans to kill and bring to submission every obstacle on their way towards Islamizing Nigeria, this notwithstanding, they will try everything within their executive power to make the world feel Biafrans willingly submitted to Islam by fighting the referendum project. Be rest assured that standing against Biafra referendum is simply signing to Islam. This words may look like a common threat but it is factual and evident in the activities taking place in Nigeria. The only peaceful means toward winning this Islamic agenda of the Nigerian government is Biafra freedom and restoration to which the only peaceful means of restoring Biafra is through the formal peaceful way of initiating a referendum process; on a very important note, the world should understand that the Indigenous People of Biafra has exhausted every peaceful means towards the restoration of Biafra and the last of it is giving the Biafran people a date for their referendum or the world should expect the Biafrans go into war as simple as that. A date for referendum should be initiated and and witnessed by the United Nations delegates for a peaceful referendum for the people of Biafra to decide their fate whether to remain in Nigeria or go their separate ways and make a better neighborhood and for peace to reign; having lost our loved ones over 3.5 million in the 1967-1970 genocidal war and over a million in recent time under the Dictatorial Regime of Dictator Muhammadu Buhari, as at today over thousands of innocent Biafrans are in various secret prisons across Nigeria, our leader is nowhere to be found as we believe without mincing words that the Nigerian Military abducted him for having invaded his fathers house where he reside, looking at how far we have come and other uncountable sacrifices we have collectively made in other to achieve our collective goals which is the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra, this is the more reason why every Biafran here in Biafra land must not fall to the subterfuge of Nigeria 2019 election or going out to get his or her Permanent Voter Card [PVC]. It's important that our people understand the implications here and the part that the Indigenous People of Biafra have chosen to take, your vote's have never count and will not count, meanwhile tyrant Mohammadu Buhari have made his intention known few days ago, as he said he remain committed to take Nigeria to the next level, and to serve as a reminder Miyetti Allah an umbrella for the herders and their leader Mr. Kautal Hore the leader on January 25, 2018 endorsed tyrant Muhammadu Buhari for second term and threatened to spill innocent bloods should tyrant Mohammadu Buhari fail to be re-elected. This is the time to prove to ourselves, our heroes and heroines, our leader, our generations yet to come and more importantly the world and their international organizations that we mean business cause they are all watching with kin interest, on this note we call on our people to get ready and get prepared to embrace the forthcoming Biafra referendum which will champion our Freedom as a Sovereign Nation, sensitization is expected in every part of Biafra land as Biafrans will leave no stone unturned, Biafra Reporters urge all Biafrans and lovers of freedom to stand firm to participate on the forthcoming Biafra referendum for a peaceful and long lasting relationship among Nations of the world. At the 'Biafra Post' one of our favorite adage says "Important decisions that will affect a Nation’s fate or humanity’s fate cannot be left to the referendums! Because such decisions require good knowledge of history; they require a sound reason and a powerful logic and masses often do not have such characteristics.

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