February 19,2018
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When the information came that David Umahi will give grazing land to Fulani herdsmen in Ebonyi state; I refused to give it attention simply because Umahi is older and knows the history of how Fulani herdsmen conquered the Hausas and other places. It is no longer news that Fulanis settle in communities with their cattle and from there, conquest is nursed and achieved. I don’t see it as necessary to start all over to listing places that were conquered by the Fulanis and their strategies. Fulanis are just cattle herders who are not exposed to Western education and as such, they have just one modus operandi- They disguise as sheep, plead and show love to get access to our communities. Once you settle them as David Umahi is planning; their reinforcement and preparation will start and on a very good day, it will be haram for the community to celebrate Christmas before them and conquest will be inevitable.

The governor feels he can handle the devil or death in his household hence he is making a comfortable bed for it. He directed community leaders to work together with these killers and get their names and extended information. He also directed them to make sure that meetings are held with the terrorists to make sure they continue to live in peace. These are the only measures the governor has towards containing or contending these potential terrorists. The governor of Benue state has been shedding tears for weeks after the same terrorists David Umahi is making bed for in our land simply because as a governor he cannot do anything to stop the terrorists who enjoy federal support. The Nigerian structure places armed forces in the hands of the President that a governor cannot sufficiently command the forces that take order from people solely appointed by the president. Governor Ortom is a proof that David Umahi cannot do anything to help our people when death starts sleeping on this bed he is making for it.

The governor recently said that critics of that move will be arrested in order to cow them into silence as he makes the bed for death that will take us all in due time. His announcement has further complicated the issue because he has a skeleton in his cupboard if critics that are there to make him better are shunned. So the King intentionally wants to walk into the town with stool on his king-dress and demands nobody talks to him. I am not a critic of that move to establish a grazing land; Ohaneze Ndigbo stood firm in opposition to the cattle colony. Southeast stood united in opposition to cattle colony and likewise every other regions and in clear term, governor David Umahi is standing alone on his idea to establish cattle colony in Ebonyi State. I will never be a critic of that but I just wish to remind the governor that everybody is against cattle colony because Fulani will murder and conquer them in no distant time and the Fulani leaders will boast once more that nobody can conquer Fulani people. To conquer Fulani who are poised to conquer you; it starts by denying them settlement on another man’s land. I was told that the children of the governor can travel to U.S the next day once the Fulanis he is making bed for in Ebonyi start their mission. I was told that the Fulani conquerors may not easily get to him because he has gun-wielding escorts everywhere. I was told that millions in Ebonyi state are exposed to security threat once Fulani situation begins. I was told that Southern Kaduna if happens in Ebonyi state will be disastrous because the governor don’t care about the welfare of the people. I want to doubt everything they said to me because I know they hate the governor but I can always plead the governor to cast the spirit of death away
This romance with Fulani herdsmen is a huge threat to our collective existence and that must be stopped before it is too late. The only thing the Fulanis want is a settlement to begin their onslaught that cannot be stopped or controlled by the governor. Kwara state allowed them years back like David is selfishly doing and today its complete conquest.

The romance with Fulani herdsmen by the governor of Ebonyi state should be a personal issue; like give Fulanis his bedroom to sleep and his backyard to graze and not politically influencing communities to map out settlement land. If we don’t talk now; death will live and destroy in the nearest future, I won’t talk anyway but I will always re-echo what critics said.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist  in TheBiafraPost and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland

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