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By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP February 23, 2018 The term media can be classified as a medium by which information of all sort can be disseminated to the general public without the distortion of facts and figures; secondly information passing out for public consumption must not lack coherently in meaning and manner like from the reporter and their reporting outlet. British Broadcasting Corporation in Igbo service is on a mission of information impairment and censorship sensing that Radio Biafra and Biafra Television are on the verge of exposing the atrocities being committed by the British government during and after the Nigeria-Biafra genocidal war that took away the lives and properties of the Biafran people.
BBC was the media instrument by which the Nigerian government under a Military junta Head of State General Jack Yakubu Gowon used to spread falsehood against the physically, emotionally and psychologically brutalized Biafrans who were seen returning and running away from the hands of the rampaging Hausa-Fulani irate back then in the Northern part of the same British created Nigeria. The evil and dark days of the British government and her lying media agent BBC is coming to a halt sensing that the world could no longer depends on their well articulated lies coming from Africa mainly Nigeria where the British government cemented her tentacles for easy and effective exploitation of the Biafran people resources has resorted to having a faction of their ever multi-lying BBC in Igbo service so as to diffuse and divert attention from people that may ask the British government questions, during the colonial era or imperialism times; the British being a master minder of dishing out lies reportedly told the world that the African people needed them whereas it was with brutality that the British government invaded Africa and had colonies.
What is the essence of having or establishing another faction of BBC in Igbo service after so many donkey's of years that the British government master minded and supervised the killing of the Biafran race more especially the Igbo race a clan of the Biafra; what did BBC service reported during and after the bloody genocidal war that same BBC service and her government fine-tuned to be "civil war" so as to also divert attention as well in other to have a firm grip on the Biafra people's resources; it was in the know that British government supplied two-third of the war armaments used against the Biafrans and their payment was illegal drilling and exploration of the oil wells in the British former usurped colony which belongs to the Biafrans at large and not the Nigeria and her cronies. How did all of a sudden the British government and her lying component found their new love in Igbo language? Who did the British government supervised their killings and with records available and handy to our news room desktop who did the British government supported during the genocidal war they framed up to be civil?. What is civil about the war that took the lives of 3.5 million Biafrans?. What did British government and her BBC service called the Biafrans in their various reportages during and after the genocidal war?. Biafrans were called "rebels' and how can a man who was seen fighting for his survival in his ancestral land be called a rebel?. And who made these statements look possible?. It was the British government and her fat lying BBC service. The writer of this opinion will not digress from the meat of the matter as it involves the British Broadcasting Corporation in Nigeria affairs, what is the sole interest of the British government in the affairs of not a decolonized Nigeria? This is information age and not the dark age that the British government have statutorily upper hand over all other media outlets in the whole world where it can cook-up junks coupled with lies and feed them to the public for consumption purposes based on wrong assumptions and reportages. The writer of this opinion will give-in more hints why the Southeast Governors, Nigerian Government and Ohaneze Ndigbo drafted the BBC Igbo service is to distort information and misrepresent falsehood to mean truth. There are much glaring evidences before us to buttress the writer's claims on this; the recent interview the ever compromised BBC Igbo service had with the wife of the Indigenous People of Biafra Leader Mr. Nnamdi Kanu where the BBC Igbo service carefully and painstakingly distorted their reportage on what Nnamdi Kanu's wife posited and her stand with the husband and the Indigenous People of Biafra; another claim by the writer that seconded this wise comprehensive write up on this issues is that of a former Abia State Environmental and Sanitation Agency Boss - Okezie Ikpeazu turned Governor of Abia State where he effectively used and ran down to BBC Igbo service where he spewed out phantom lies against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.
Also recall that during the heat of the Biafra agitation and the unlawful detention and incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu's in Kuje Prison Abuja, BBC London drafted for the attention of Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership Nnia Nwodo to their news room in London where it was seen that Nnia Nwodo played out the script already given out to him by the Mohammadu Buhari APC - led government, for how long have the BBC established their Hausa service in Nigeria and where did they headquartered it? Is it not in the North. Their fake BBC Yoruba service to help complement their smearing mission is also headquartered in the West and that of their Igbo gimmick BBC service is headquartered at where?. Lagos

The conclusion of the matter for now is not about having BBC Igbo service now or then; the killer of your people cannot turn around to love you overnight, the writer is enthused that it has dawn on the British kleptomaniac government that Biafra they helped the Nigerian government to kill and spilled their blood will be restored in an honest manner inspite of all her atrocities to the Biafrans. The world should know that the British kleptomaniac government and her BBC services of any language in Nigeria are on a mission of dishing out lies so as to continue with their hidden activities with the Nigeria government and nothing else

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