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February 23,2018

As soon as Catalonia concluded the referendum that Spain widely opposed; the agitation for the independence of the people of Catalonia fizzled out. The Catalan leader who championed the referendum went on exile and right now, talk of new election to finally depose him is underway. Catalonia could not legally or physically back the referendum hence leaving the agitators neutralized. The people of Catalonia jubilated and could not wait for the day the independently announced referendum will happen but the D’ day came and they put their lives on the line to cast their votes. Yes- vote finally won in the referendum; fireworks went off the cities and crazy agitators danced on the streets but few weeks later, nobody is anywhere to be found. Having won the referendum; there was no price for the victory. It is no longer news that Indigenous People of Biafra are using the same strategy towards the restoration of their once lived Biafra. Like Catalonia; Biafra uses civil disobedience and protest and now finally to independence referendum. There is no difference in strategy and the people must be wary of the same fate because you cannot do same thing and expect different result. IPOB is a champion and every champion is a target, the champion gets knocks from everywhere because what is left of a champion is failure. A champion has reached his peak and cannot go further hence what spectators are monitoring is where or when the champion will depreciate. Someone like WWE Undertaker reached his peak and Roman Reigns became his more or less Achilles hill. Referendum projected by the indigenous people of Biafra is being inappropriately presented as a goal by most Biafran journalists, artist and agitators and no longer an instrument to achieving the goal; this will affect the mentality of the people of Biafra in post-referendum agitation. The mind and mentality of the people of Biafra must be properly channeled and this will sustain the momentum towards the agitation for the restoration of Biafra. The referendum being projected cannot automatically restore Biafra but it can be used as the final instrument towards achieving the ultimate goal. The leadership of IPOB clearly understood this but most public links have not espoused the argument properly or conveyed the message wisely. The people of Biafra must understand that the idea of referendum is to get an instrument to further the agitation. After the referendum; final face of the agitation will start which is “Recognize our Referendum result”. Ill critics and enemies are patiently waiting to devour IPOB once after the referendum because they would certainly ask, after referendum, where is the Biafra? But to put everyone on notice; Biafra referendum is an important instrument towards the restoration of Biafra and not a final push towards the restoration of Biafra. The referendum is only a move in the right direction that will usher the agitation into its final phase. There would be further agitation for UN and EU recognition of the result; so people saying 2018 Biafra referendum will give them Biafra are people devoid of the strategy of IPOB or essence of the referendum. Biafran columnists are writing and urging the people to get ready for Biafra that will be restored through the independently proposed referendum. Artistes are also singing and agitators are urging the public to get ready for Biafra, everybody is getting carried away as if the referendum is the final push that will restore Biafra. They have not managed the message well and wrongly given the public the impression that referendum to finally restore Biafra is in place without taking note of the reason for the referendum.
This column is to pass a clear message that the referendum in question is a vital instrument towards the ultimate goal and not a final push. Once after the referendum; the agitation will enter the final stage which is the recognition of the referendum result and if UN and EU accused IPOB of irregularities or doubt the result, they now can demand for their approved one. There is need for the entire people of Biafra to engage in the coming referendum but must understand that it is a strategic instrument towards the final push for the restoration of Biafra. There is need for campaign and total commitment as huge turnout will color the resolve of the people of Biafra.

Finally; no matter how much we deny the fact that military approach is the finishing touch needed on the beautiful work IPOB has done, the touch will remain there until the people of Biafra decides otherwise.  
Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja

He is an author, Analyst, investigative journalist and TV anchor

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