By Kelechi Okorie For TBP
February 25,2018
The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu is speedily coming to an end by soiling his hands where he may not survive the consequent their off. At initial time IPOB was pampering him with kids gloves in order to allow the toothless bulldog implicate himself to general public, it started with the first protest in Biafra land organized by women in every State Capital when their leader Nnamdi Kanu, was still in DSS custody, women were maimed, dehumanized to the extend governor sneaked out from Government House to avoid holding him responsible.

He seems not to be satisfied for his unforgettable assaults on Biafra women by extending it to IPOB supreme leader, colliding with Nigeria military to murder him in his country home Isiama Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuahia. Though he lost the target but his mere plans worked for him evident recorded more than 23 Nnamdi Kanu’s followers were shot to death at the scene. His provocative hate speech to kill and bring any Biafran found anywhere, he continued to say they are wanted with their decomposed bodies by the government, this alone instigated random killing of IPOB members on different occasions.

His power intoxicated seat tight syndrome to remain in power at all cost makes him to lost self control on moral ethics for good governance, qualities of good leadership. The worst of it all, his character is questionable only compels by his masters to act in a way. Political dynasty makes seating governors and other political holders worthless in Biafra land in a sense that, they are snuff into power by godfathers without the collective will of electorates invariable, they all try to please their master irrespective of the prize to retain the positions. With this system of political juggernaut they all remain irrelevant to the people; their fiddle way of looting public funds puzzles trust and fidelity.

Nnamdi kanu’s popularity due to his faithfulness, resoluteness and formidability of not to compromise even at the point of death attracted envies by South East politicians and Igbo social cultural group Ohanaeze Ndigbo to wipe him out from the surface of earth at all cost now Biafrans are yet to see their leader after the assassination attempts in courtesy of Operation Python Dance II. This daft Hausa Fulani house slave called governor of Abia State, is nobody to toy around with Biafra and gets away with it, the blood of innocent Biafrans he spilled to prove to Buhari he is equal to the task shall trap him at appropriate time.

His interview with BBC Igbo Service, where he said Igbos do not have guns to withstand Hausa Fulani shows his parochial level of reasoning at this modern world and his armature stylish to force Biafrans to reciprocate by arming themselves unprepared which is far from IPOB timetable. Besides, a call for referendum is not a call for war, so ironic Nigerian leaders knew nothing on world politics and its relationship. Their counterpart in Western parts of the world engages in conflict resolution and management at the detriment of their own political positions hence; it is people’s collective choice. It is undemocratic forcing indigenous people to reintegrate where their safety is not guaranteed, agitation may not have springs up if Nigeria government is up and doing with federal character, on other way round agitation is a beauty of democracy through which reasonable government knows the problems of masses and solve it with all decency, any government that subjugate the voices of masses is tyranny in nature.

Okezie Ikpeazu, thinking he can deceive the world by calling Nnamdi Kanu a lair cannot exonerate him from the murder case suit at US court he was vindicated with video, picture, audio and eye witness evidences on crime committed against humanity on several occasions.

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