By Kelechi Okorie
Writes For TBP
February 18,2018
The sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has put doubt in the mind of gullible Biafrans that their long-expected nation has been defeated after Operation Python Dance II that confirmed more than 23 Biafrans dead and sporadic guns shoot at Kanu's residence Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuhia.
Some believe unconstitutional terrorist proscription by corrupt Nigeria court compels IPOB hides in shield neither to rise again nor protest with Biafra costume like before. Though military exercise in Biafra land with treachery acts of South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo to murder IPOB leader might have negative effects on the struggle yet, IPOB is not going down rather stronger more than ever. Family meetings are held in all nooks and crannies, their silent mode of operation shattered the broken contraption called Nigeria into unending amendment in world politics.

Black market terrorist proscription is only visible in Nigeria territory whereas, outside the border it is well recognized as a peaceful organization all over the world. Her inquisitive to know the mind of Biafrans got Nigerian government in a state of shivering to face IPOB legally outside her border; it surprises some seeing proscribed group sued a whole country with boldness while government officials were running helter shelter requesting immunity to escape been punish on the crime committed against humanity thinking US court is the same thing with cattle republic where judicial system is not functioning.

Nnamdi Kanu did his assignment perfectly, he propagates Biafra struggle to the timeline of no return any step taken by both IPOB and Nigeria comes in favor of biafrans, the game of who gets what when and how falls at the detriment of Buhari secret plans. Unconfirmed report ascertain file suit is gathering momentum in London court where Nigeria government is expected to be shred into oblivion as always. 95 percent election boycott in Anambra State was a tip of iceberg on what is to befall Nigeria, IPOB is not leaving any stone on turn her method of grass root mobilization has no rival Biafrans are eager to exit from evil empire controls by corrupt Hausa Fulani hegemony. Women are not left out, they started protest in Biafra land their participation in the struggle boost the agitation where it is today. Ohaneze Ndigbo can bear the witness for haven the taste of Biafran women formidability Handshake Across The Niger (Igbo-Yoruba Summit) at Enugu few months ago where Nnia Nwodo, was disgracefully whiskey away through the backdoor when confronted. Women made their stand known to the world only Biafra restoration is what they want come rain come sun shine.
Nigeria is totally confuse to fight IPOB media team they spent millions of dollars on hiring experts to confiscate Biafra news whereas the media team making tremendous progress presently Radio Biafra is in Hausa language, scarce resources that ought to be used to savage Nigerians from untold hardship was spent recklessly to tackle brave intellectual IOPB media crew. Even as that, Nigeria is nowhere to be found Buhari thought power is in barrel of guns not knowing it belongs to the people Biafrans have spoken their voice must be heard no amount of intimidation, arrest and torture can change their quest for total freedom.

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