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Written by Kelechi Okorie, on behalf of IPOB media crew worldwide
Published On (TBP)

My pen seized to function immediately calls came on Friday morning that I lost my lovely friend Ada Biafra, tears flow down to my chick thinking how true that could be, my book was soaked I became seriously sick and traumatized though I still do not believe it until I called my colleagues they responded in dismay I quietly locked myself indoors all through the day questioning God why?

The vacuum in my heart might not allow me to write correctly due to discomfort but the truth remains that the message has been passed IPOB worldwide has lost an icon, an iroko, a vibrant Biafran activist who gave it all for Biafra restoration. I cannot forget easily how we worked in unison given reports on Radio Biafra, interview, presentations, Biafraherald newspaper publications and Biafratimes magazine respectively. We always together on a battlefield during our peaceful protests receiving heat of bullets from Nigeria arm forces yet, she remains fearless and agile. At Onitsha Head Bridge, she was shot on her birthday she was hospitalized for weeks God and infinite mercy stretched forth his healing hand she came back to life, God why won’t you do the same thing now to save me writing heartbeat tribute to my colleague?

If God were mortal man questions i have words cannot contain the books yes dead is inevitable but why must it be my closest friend Chimaobi? Now we are at the end to reap what we labor over the years now she is nowhere to be found; on 30th May, Remembrance Day at Nkpo, we all passed through the valley carried our both injured and dead brethren shot by forces of darkness, at a time I lost hope thinking she was victimized after several failed calls where will I start where will I end? I wish her dead rumor is a mere dream or unrealistic drama. The pain is unbearable to condole anymore, she remains the best among the best in this struggle at our leader’s residence Mazi Nnamdi kanu, I pleaded her to shift from the target avoid being shot during Operation Python DanceII, she replied KC can you hear the gunshot? They are killing my people, so passionate for Biafrans, dead why must it be Chimaobi, has she finishes her assignment on earth? I do not think so this is untimely may your soul rest in perfect peace till we part no more. Adieu my lovely friend Chimaobi Okafor, Adieu Ada Biafra, Adieu Nneoma you always remain in our heart.

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