February 16,2018
Story by Ifeanyi Chijioke  (TBP)

BUBU: E don happen again o JOHN: Wetin happen? BUBU: A snake swallowed 36 million Naira for Nigeria JOHN: That same Nigeria their president is fighting corruption like Jihad? BUBU: That is what I heard my brother; the man fighting corruption has corrupted both the animals in Nigeria JOHN: Was that a real snake that swallowed the money or a kind of impersonation, I don’t get the idea of snake stealing 36 million Naira BUBU: Snake came into the Jamb office vault and stole 36 million Naira; the snake was not seen, it has creep back into Sambisa forest JOHN: During Jonathan’s government; did snake join the thieving Nigerian leaders? BUBU: Never; only human beings were looting and Buhari told them he would stop looting but sadly, even snakes don join looting in Nigeria JOHN: I have spent thirty years in Nigeria and this is the most fantastic corruption regime I have seen, for snake to join looting is a bad omen BUBU: Mr Ken has directed that all the animals in his house, goats, fowls, dogs and pets be sold or butchered for consumption hence animals have joined looting in Nigeria JOHN: That is not fair; the animals should rather be arrested by the EFCC and tried in Animal court, if found guilty, surgery to extract the money shall be ordered but if the money has passed through biological mechanism, then such animal shall be butchered BUBU: The whole thing is making the giant of Africa animal kingdom; animals joined corruption, arrested by Magu, tried by Binta Nyako and given death sentence by Buhari. This country is becoming a disgrace and it is high time I left JOHN: But why is this whole thing happening a time a man who claimed to be fighting corruption is in power? BUBU: When children of Israel were in Egypt; the killer spirit God cast upon Egypt has to see blood before one is spared. This time around, if you are seen with a broom, corruption fight shall pass over you JOHN: Is that why looters and armed robbers now carry brooms and say they are part and parcel of the broom? BUBU: That is the situation; just imagine Rotimi Amaechi pointing a finger and judging Femi- Fani Kayode as a looter JOHN: Did that snake that swallowed the money come with a broom, why was it not gunned down? BUBU: If you are travelling, looting or doing anything in Nigeria; make sure you have a broom, without a broom, you will be persecuted JOHN: Was the snake with a broom? BUBU: I heard that the snake had a broom it wanted to swallow but it ended on its Esophagus; so when it came into the Jamb vault, the security men believed it was Buhari that sent the snake so they allowed the snake swallow the money JOHN: Has Buhari said anything regarding the snake? BUBU: They said the Buhari there is from Sudan and he doesn’t know anything happening in Nigeria JOHN: Why is this country this way; what happened to it, that guy Nnamdi Kanu may have influenced them with the Zoo tag. The whole thing is happening like in the book Animal Farm; Buhari loots 26 billion dollars and detains Dasuki for 2 billion. It is very disturbing that under Buhari; animals have turned looters BUBU: The whole process of fighting corruption is attractive and snake found it appealing to join and it is now a double job for the president. He has to go and find snake charms and get ready for goats and sheep that would steal their own JOHN: Bubu, you have to first of all go and buy a broom for me; the broom is very important in this regime
BUBU: The days of Umbrella; they blackmailed Jonathan that he was corrupt but the economy was strong, Nigeria moving forward, dollar moderated and life was fair. Just imagine the situation the people are in today; they scream and gnash teeth and get Fulani terror gift on daily basis JOHN: If snake has joined looting business in Nigeria; I put on Buhari from Sudan that he is rather promoting corruption and Nigeria fell off the frying pan into the fire

BUBU: You have made a hate speech and I cannot continue with you before my trial for treasonable felony begins or hate speech

Published/Edited by Anyi Kings
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