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Fulani and their Cows encouraged by Buhari's government to loiter in streets and highways
When Lord Lugard Amalgamated the Southern and Northern protectorate in 1914; he had one thing in mind, to use the mentally sick North to rule the mentally healthy South. He was a man of interest; his subjects cannot determine his actions and as such water and oil was mixed - an experiment that ensured force or pressure in-between water and oil kept him afloat.
He did not see today in all fairness - that the mentally sick North will someday desire to rule and conquer everything with religion. When zombies wake up for a cause; you know what is obtainable; they match until their desire is met and while they match, they die and kill anything on the way, nothing maters but the desire.

Some believed that herders of Osman Danfodio linage migrated and conquered and then North submitted and aligned with them - that gave birth to Huasa/Fulani union called Northern Nigeria. Today; North is a haven for migrants, hence you are a Muslim, you have a home in the North and then there is the need to advance. Cattle colonies is nothing but advancement strategy;- to religiously colonize those forced or convinced to cede their land.

North is saturated with invading elements in the name of whatsoever you called that religion; and the newest invasion is cattle colonies. They will be officially brought into your land; you will cede your land to them and their colonies will get a breath of life. They will appoint an Emir in the little colonies and there, colonialism will start like a budding grape.

The federal government of Nigeria had claimed that those Fulani herdsmen killing Nigerians are not from Nigerian; they made it clear that they came in from neighboring countries and one wonders why colonies are pursued for the same foreign killers. Since the finding that they are foreigners, they have not made any significant move to arresting the situation but decided to find a settlement for those murderous herdsmen. By virtue of cattle colonies; the federal government is yet to tell the people what their real plan is.

From different quarters; it is believed that Fulani herdsmen are also Islamic foot soldiers who penetrate where Boko Haram cannot penetrate. Killing Christian communities and pushing to sack them from their land. Fulani herdsmen on the other side have received encouragement from Islamic personalities and the fanatic president of Nigeria which further instilled fear of Islamization.

Many videos have surfaced where Muslim leaders in Nigeria claimed that they have been ordered from “The Holy Land” to take over Nigeria by saturating or dominating it with Islamic religion. Another video showed invasion of Fulanis and flaunting of fire arms to show readiness to offend. Even the Fulani herdsmen-terrorists have written a letter declaring Jihad with the Chairman of EFCC vowing to fight corruption like Jihad.

Everything points to the direction that this is a season of Jihad and cattle colony has ulterior motive; there is a move for Islamic colonialism and that begins with cattle colonies. When the cattle herders get a colony, they settle with their leaders and everything they have and from there cattle colonialism will begin. Villages will be colonized and forced to accept or live under the order of their cattle colonial masters and leaders.

The best way to avoid this colonialism is to stop any attempt for them to come in because once they come in; they will appoint Emirs who will receive information from the Caliphate and when the time comes to execute a task, the Caliphate will give them everything needed. The only option left to win the war against Islamic religious colonialism is by standing firm against ceding any part of your land to strangers that don’t value humanity or a Christian life.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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