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Authored by Anyi Kings 
January 31,2018

This question is very important at this time that it is very clear that Biafrans have not seen or heard from their Supreme and most reliable and trusted leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu since the September 14 , 2017 military invasion  of his residence that left over 28 innocent souls dead and over 40 persons injured as Nigeria military in their genocidal act in disguise of Operation python dance rained live bullets on   indigenous people of Biafra for peacefully exercising their right to self determination as enshrined in United Nations charter for human right. . It's unfortunate and frustrating that even at such open and shameless act of state terrorism by Nigeria governments against the indigenous people of Biafra the world kept a blind eyes on our quest to be a free nation from a country or a forced union that has determined to wipe out an entire race on the face of the earth. It is even more frustrating that the same government that are shamelessly terrorizing an obviously most peaceful and largest freedom fighter movement in the whole world, turns around and tagged the peaceful  movement to freedom of the whole race a  terrorists Org and their  activities proscribed  without any record of violence or evidence to prove their claim , thereby manipulating their own judicial law  and further neglecting the  international  law on self determination which  they are signatory to.

Despite the challenges helpless Biafrans are facing in this den of wide animals  where rule of law is illegal and due process is more of suicidal where murdering of innocent souls driving by hate through state terrorism by extra judicial execution are celebrated and fulani herdsmen terrorists that keep wiping out  innocent citizens in their tens hundreds and thousands destroying  properties razing down villages and towns  are being treated with kid glove,IPOB remain peaceful , resolute and more determined in their quest to secure their freedom through internationally mandated process  devoid of blame.  

This is why the  desperation of Biafrans are more about what should be done or should not be done in order to get their nation Biafra restored and totally be set free from this dungeon called Nigeria  . And this is why Biafrans are anxiously demanding  the Nigeria military to do justice by providing their leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu  back alive or even dead at least for funeral rights, as it is assumable that  the leader of IPOB  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is undoubtedly under the Nigeria military custody as proofed by the rule of last seen and the undeniable statement made by the Nigeria minister of defense in channel television that the aim of the military inversion which over 28 vibrant youths of IPOB  whose only their crime is that they paid visit to their leader who is speaking on their behave for them to be free as a people was just to get him .Kanu .And other undeniable video  footage and pictorial  evidence     

And this is where this questions emanated from . Are the leadership getting It Right In his absent ? Mix reactions on Ipob stand by seeking justice in the same court that illegally and purposely under the dictatorship of fantastically corrupt president of Nigeria Jibril alas Mohammadu Buhari to untag the none existing terrorists tag that they tagged on IPOB  and to order Nigeria military to produce Nnamdi Kanu who the defense minister without mincing word openly said that their purpose of invading our leaders house was to get him in a national television .

The continuous successful boycott of elections and the continuous falsification of a election result through flaunting of voters figures and installing of their choice candidates as it has been always the case in this fantastically corrupt country, followed by their media blackmail that IPOB has been weakened after their successful installation of their slaves whose their interest is to pay allegiance to their Hausa/fulani masters that planted  them there  through fantastical corrupt system called INEC

The continuous preparation and campaign for referendum this year 2018 by the leadership of IPOB without Nigeria government backing or United Nations open stand in favor or against .
The continuous adjournment of cases concerning our illegally detained members in different secret sells and prisons in this hell called Nigeria  without hope of getting justice due to the manipulations of judicial process and how to secure their freedom

The distractions of opinion molders with religious view or self defense view as means to a faster victory or only way to victory. And the worries and fear of failure.

The need to manage the pressure and retain the confidence of Biafrans and further get a successful result through the laid down blue print of our able leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu even in his present or absent. .
With these narration stated here it is very important to note that these generation of IPOB under M.N.K has not come to fight for fighting sake but to fight to liberate ourselves from total extermination and restore our dignity as a race and give our generations to come a freedom and a hope of a place to call home and for the sake of the scarifies of our fallen heroes and heroines it 'll be abominable that we relent because of the cost to our final destination which is total restoration of Biafra as a sovereign nation that shall be reorganized as an independent nation of the world under UN MEMBER STATES devoid of UN,EU, AU, dispute.
For this reason it's is very important for IPOB to continue to apply themselves under due process of international law no matter the cost in this crucial stage of the struggle. It's also very important for the leadership not to be moved by pressures through divers of opinions by some desperate individuals or groups that are expressing their frustration on how the leadership are piloting the
movement .

It is very important to enlighten the public on what actually self determination is all about . And the need to intensify our effort to win the media war being waged against IPOB by Nigeria government to derail our struggle,

It is understood that some of mix reaction against the process IPOB leadership are going in this struggle mostly coming from few ignorant religious fanatics are born out of frustration caused by the silence of international communities mostly the western world who brought the missionary to our land and at the same time enslave us by handing us over to Hausa/fulanis , The silence of the western world and and the religious leaders in coming to our aid has continue to make our people rethink and question the type of God or mission they received and the need to go back in indigenous deities and take this battle spiritual and in a desperate move to do that people are being brain washed that the best way to start the spiritual battle is by BURNING the holy book called BIBLE.

But the question is does the silence of internationally communities on our struggle really mean that they are against our freedom ?
According to By Ludovica Iaccino January 19, 2016 Stated clear that the high representative for foreign affairs of the European Union Federica Mogherini  responded to a letter by Washington-based Organization of Emerging African States (Oeas) seeking support in the ongoing fight for the independence of Biafra from Nigeria. It clearly stated that EU will not say no for a lawfully created Biafra. .
On proscription of IPOB and tagging of Ipob as a terrorist organisation  it is worthy to note that The E.U, U.K, U.S refuted the action of Nigeria government in tagging IPOB as a terrorist organization . A clear stand that IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are in the right direction.and are really following the due process to get a lawfully created Biafra that every civilized nations of the world will have no option than to recognizance our independence.  
On why EU, US, Israel , United nation ,and others have not come to our aid to compare  Nigeria government to organized a referendum for Biafrans to determine our future it is simple our matter to Nigeria Government is regarded as an internal affair.  
And it is good to note that UN has an explicit detailed order in its Charter never to interfere in internal issues of Constituted Sovereignty and Nigeria is still recognized by UN as a Constituted Sovereignty.
On this note we have only one but very crucial and legal option that we must carefully and prayerfully apply with action and that option  is called  SELF DETERMINATION  . we must determine by ourselves on how to take our freedom . Because neither UN,EU, US, UK, ISRAEL nor Nigeria government shall determine our future for us , rather it is our responsibilities to determine our future by ourselves following the due process under international law. hence we most apply every arsenal on our disposal to fulfill all righteousness in  our way to freedom , top on the list are our increase in international diplomatic relationship ,making more friends than enemy drafting a clear strategy that shall produce a very successful and blameless referendum devoid of media black out that the civilized world and nations of goodwill shall  shall see the the need to recognize our effort and allow justice to prevail  by recognizing Biafra as a sovereign nation then we shall have a legal Government that shall establish Baifra Defense Force to defend our people and land from Hausa/fulanis terrorists that are occupying our land . And until then is  when shall be free to serve our God Chukwuokike Abiama in the best way that shall give him joy,. Until this is achieved any mix reaction against this target or any action from any group or individual against this target goal is totally ill conceived. 

It is on this note that i call on frustrated individuals that are campaigning for burning of Bible if they still have any genuine motive of joining in the struggle to  restore  our nation to channel their frustration in working to see we achieve a successful referendum this year 2018 under the directive of IPOB leadership led by our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu , dead or alive, 

While i am not against fighting to restore Biafra by spiritual means it is important to note that no amount of bible that shall be burned that shall move United Nation , EU or any international communities to recognized Biafra as burning of Bible is not under international law .

Anyi Kings is a businessman  a freedom activist and writer ,editor , and publisher in TheBiafraPost  that writes in Dubai United Arab Emirates

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