Authored by Odirachinma Ezeobi
January 31,2018 If there is a sin so abominable that God may not forgive, it is that an elder watches the goat give birth in tethers. I don't equally align with the school that believes that God will hold him guiltless that watches the goat give birth in tethers all because he is not the proverbial elder but the prodigal son. I wish to join the host of Igbo elders and well wishing Igbo population to praise and pour encomium on president muhammadu buhari for the 1billion naira support on behalf of the late Igbo elder stateman Alex Ekwueme. Yes in doing this I must not fail to hail the Hausa Fulani populace for their continuous proof of superiority over the well educated Igbo masses over the years.

1 billion whooping sum for burial of Mazi Ekwueme? Ekwueme deserves the best burial in whole Nigeria even though I don't know why (because I don't know much of his person) but I believe he does deserve the best, but for Buhari to release such amount for the burial of Ekwueme leaves much question than answers. Before you stand up for Mr president Before you dash out the title of "Agunechemba" to Mr president, can you remind me who seized power through a military coup thereby committing treason against a democratically elected president of Shagari/Ekwueme in 1983? Can you of course find out what became of president Shagari and what became of his then deputy sir Alex Ekwueme.

In case you have forgotten, Buhari seized power through a military coup, in his usual nepotistic attitude, he kept his brother Shehu Shagari on a house arrest but jailed your brother Alex Ekwueme. Yes, when Okadigbo was alive, they all wanted him dead, but when he died, they named him hero Ojukwu fought for the liberation of his people, they cried for his head, and when he died, they rallied, clanked glasses and gave him a befitting burial calling him hero Same thing applied to Alex Ekwueme, the few Biafran men of Igbo extraction that I know with dignity are been wished dead so to be celebrated by the Fulani oligarchy. Do not be deceived by the crocodile tears and French gifts they are offering, it is nothing but mockery of Biafrans in case you do not know. 1billion naira is a very huge sum that can go a long way in bettering the lives of Igbo youths at least Ekwueme's villages youths. If Ekwueme had his way, he will admonish Buhari to use that money in bettering Igboland. If buhari loved your land so much, why the marginalization..
He kills your youths and mocks your dead, yet you give him standing ovations. Our educational system is in shambles There is no good drinking water We pay for the water we drink, we pay for the light we never use, we pay to receive the poorest educational training, we pay for virtually everything we get from Nigeria yet our president is spending 1billion on our dead brother whom they never give any preferential care during his sick days.....
Biafrans  stop helping your enemy to mock your rot. Do not allow them to treat you as beggars because they are the original beggars.. May the soul of chief Alex ekwueme rest in the bosom of God almighty Iseeeee..



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