By Kelechi Okorie Writes For TBP January 17,2018

Middle East mass violence threats against official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a fulfillment of decades prophecy recorded in the Holy Bible, to make Jerusalem a cup that causes all the surrounding people to stagger and severely injured for dare gang up against the holiest land and its inhabitants, the strength of the creator of heaven and earth.

The recognition was nothing but reality as US Congress anonymously adopted the motion “Jerusalem Embassy Act” in 1995, to encouraged relocation of America Embassy to Jerusalem. Though, previous US presidents ignored the call under the guise of Two States Solution, on the other hand, some lacked both courage and political will to accomplished their political rhetoric and campaign promises unlike, Donald J. Trump’s administration that put the records straight for lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Perhaps, former US presidents’ foreign policy in Middle East ends up an illusive Israel/Palestine dichotomy without solution.

History shall always be kind to Trump for taken a bold decision to bring peace, serene atmosphere in Israel and Middle East respectively. Not his predecessor president Barack Obama, reportedly to had regretting his worst mistake in his presidency for lack of planning for the aftermath of the 2011 Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster while in office as a US president. His roles over Libya have put Libyans in disdain till date as a result of his ignorant on foreign policy.

Biafrans on their own should take the advantage of this international politics by recognizing Jerusalem as undivided Capital of Israel. As a closest allies her embassy should be move to Jerusalem like other reasonable countries did, lets the fantastically corrupt shithole state sponsored terrorist government headed by Buhari continue wallowing in confusion on comparative politics. Buhari’s decision to vote against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital at the United Nations deteriorates Nigeria’s strength in international affairs and her self claim giant of Africa.

Furthermore, Nigeria an Islamic killing field against Biafrans poses life threats for inhabiting, forming strong alliance with Israel will protect both nationals from incessant uninterrupted genocides and wide spread of Islam. Biafra having the same historical affinity as a lost tribe of Israel as confirmed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during nuclear holocaust that seems to had brought Israel to their kneel, today Israel is great in all ramifications such as security, economy, science and technology, intelligent etc.

Invariably, waiting for United Nations, to do the needful by organizing a referendum might end up being a nightmare in a sense that members of United Nations Security Council are made up of Islamic New World Order, a global Islamic caliphate. Their love for Islam with ambition to have full control over the world cannot allow them uphold internal democracy in any nation contrary to their Islamic believe. This makes injustice takes preeminence in UN that was way they kept mute against annihilation; torture and killing of unarmored Biafran youths on several occasions, even when it is their primary obligation to maintain global peace yet, this international body falls below expectations it could be the reason Trump did not need permission from them for Jerusalem’s Israel’s capital recognition. Determination of Biafrans for greatness depend on their hands as a great people visa vice Israel and USA, it is optional to bury the dead ram from Daura. Biafra should adhere the call to move her embassy to Jerusalem; it’s synonym to international lobbying to facilitate Biafra referendum to come quick. Besides, it sounds amateur great people of Biafra form alliance with great Israel remains in Nigeria captivity. To emancipate black race from mental slavery, savage and internal subjugation an existing nation of Biafra must be restore to bring lasting peace in Africa continent as Trump’s foreign policy did to Middle East.

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